Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 August 27 - Pics. Arrived safely RVM!!

Howdy ya'll                                                                                                                            8-27-12        
      The work goes well. President Perry is awesome. He's a history fanatic, including American history, so having him in Richmond is a cool thing. I finally got to my apartment on the 23rd. Its in a little place called Oak Hills, south of  Richmond. I'm in the Ghettos! :P I love it here. I'd rather be a missionary here than in west valley, due to southern hospitality, everyone says hi. Porch sittin' is HUGE here. Great families, just playin' outside together. Humble people. Don't have to explain God all that much down here!
   D. is my first new investigator. His fiancĂ© is investigating and we invited him to sit in. He took it rather well. P. stopped buying cigarettes when they talked to him about the word of wisdom. He's ready for baptism, said he wanted to be after his first sacrament meeting. He moved to downtown Richmond to move out of A. apt. She offered him her apt to stay at. Which doesn't go well with the law of chastity, can't be living with someone of opposite sex. Either get married, or move out and keep taking lessons. That's a big problem around here.

   April said she wants to be baptized. We teach her about two or three times a week. She needs to stop smoking, she has 6 packs left, when shes out, shell stop. The M.Family like the doctrine, haven't come to church much, Feel like we're pushing them to baptism. So we stopped in after the last missionaries slowed down the visits. Taught about the importance of church attendance, invited them to come. If not out of town this week, they'll come. I went through the potential/recent investigators book and found a man named J.. Missionaries met him in Feb. Gave him a BoM. Said he wanted to read more before we talked again, so were gonna' drop by, see how he's doing sometime. Prayers for said investigators would be well appreciated.
   Elder Durrant is my trainer. He's from Colorado. Way cool guy, loves to work, yet knows how to be patient and take it seriously at the same time. Hilarious. He's an awesome trainer. He's just letting me take it all in, giving tips and all. Glad I didn't get a lazy/or over-tight trainer. Solid testimony from him too.
-That's all for now. Love you all, have a great day and keep up the god work.

  - Elder A. Meyerink

Mom Here-- Hey parents ever wonder what the mission pres or Aps see at the airport when the missionaries come streaming in from MTC-  well here are some pics of their view!!