Monday, February 24, 2014

24 feb. 2014 Great Leadership Meeting! D+C 20:37

  We had a pretty good week. We had 5 member present Lessons, a new/progressing investigator. His name is J.  T. We found him in the formers. He came to do service with us at a community breakfast in town. We then went to the Church, had a lesson based on Elder Hollands "Safety for the Soul" Talk about the Book of Mormon. We clarified some points, and he promised to come to Church. He did and loved it. He said he always feels welcome here. He would love to be baptized if his influential brother wasn't druggedlly tearing the house apart. Once he can get out of the house, quitting smoking, and drinking coffee and tea should be easier. We're going to teaching him in member homes to help with his progression. He is also a landscaper/fix er up er, so he and I clicked right fast. And yes, I still keep in contact with the Pococks.

  Leadership meeting was great! President prayed about who to take due to how many people were going on exchanges (Assistants and Zone Leaders) and they needed one more set of Elders, so we were invited. They talked about the expectations of exchanges with leaders, Teaching about revelation through Church attendance, and Baptismal interviews. Touching on D+C 20:37 Alot. About real conversion and using the Spirit in an interview to learn the testimonies of these potential members. The Meeting was held in New Bern, 40 minutes SE. on Tue and Wed. We drove with our car. There's a spot thats 70 MPH. It felt weird going over 60... The People that were there were: President and Sister Baker, the Assistants, both Kinston sets of Zone Leaders, all the District Leaders and Elder Aitken and I. The biggest thing I learned that applies to Mission Life is centering teaching and conversion on D+C 20:37 and the requirements therein. Having done Baptismal interviews before, I know what to look for in helping people understand about their path to exaltation. 
Oh, to explain the suitcases/future boxes. I have amazingly acquired a few Very Worth-While Items for free, so I shipped some home. I did get a super huge suitcase in Mt Olive so I shipped the normal large one home filled with stuff. 

Hope ya'll have a great week!

Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 17, 2014

17 feb 2014 Snow & Teaching!

  It snowed on Tuesday and Wednesday so we stayed in. F. and T. are the couple that came last week. They did not come this week though. We are planning on seeing them tomorrow night. Our teaching pool is a bit more full now, the problem we have is contacting them. We did pick up a new investigator this week. She is the boyfriend of a former investigator that  my last companion and I taught. We have an appointment with them on Wednesday. 
Oh, it snowed on Tuesday so we stayed in until we decided to walk to a potential's place He wants to stay with his Church though.
 We do have a member stake conference referral lesson tonight, so we look forward to that. 
  Elder Aitken and I were invited to the Leadership training tomorrow and Wednesday in New Bern. I'll let you know how that went next week. 
Family history consultant needs the computers. "Talk" to ya'll next week.

Love, Elder Meyerink 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 February 2014 Great week!

  We had a great week! While not much happened fruit-wise in our procelyting, we felt we worked harder this week. We took our Ward Mission Leader to a lesson with an investigator couple. He invited them to Church, Ward ball, and to be fellowshipped as well as baptism. They came to Church! That hasn't happened in a while and I am glad the Lord answers our prayers concerning that. They said they loved it and are definitely coming back next week. Our dinner/lesson cancled due to a death in the family I think. They are still interested, so the member is scheduling another appointment.
  Good to hear everythings going on back home. Sorry, time is running.
Let me know if you're on any videos!
Love Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Feb 2014 Almost new Investigator

  Ironically, we still have not got in contact with J and L. They moved, haven't answered their phones and their member friend hasn't heard from them. 
And yes, I heard about the snow. In fact, we couldn't go out Tue, Thur, or Wed. So...our member dinner lesson got postponed to this week. :/    I'll let ya'll know how it went. 
Oh, and Elder Aitken and I are staying in Kinston. Calls actually came on Saturday night for some odd reason.
 But, on the super awesome proselyting side of things: We had a dinner lesson with another one of the stake conference referrals. He (E) is awesome. Within 30 seconds of walking in the door, he started asking questions. He knows the Bible, his dad was a non-denominational preacher for different denominations. If that makes sense...nonetheless, Questions were answered, shrimp stew was eaten and The Restoration was explained and watched. We asked him if he would be baptized if he knew it was true. He said, "I'd so anything for Salvation." Unfortunately, he didn't know his schedule so we didn't get a specific return appointment. Thus, paper wise, he is not a new investigator yet, but he really is. He said we'll get a time together for this next week. So that's good news :)

    So yeah, next week should be a bit better.
Hope ya'll are doing good. Take Care.
Love Elder Meyerink