Monday, July 21, 2014

21 July 2014 Wish I could do it again,

Well, last week I actually got to do stuff. Today consisted of getting up at 430am, topping off packing, Desmond picked us both up and we went to the stake center to play basketball at 6 with the other elders in the zone. Elder Coltrin went with the Yorktown elders, his last apartment/area and Desmond drove me to Mt. Pleasant to be with another Elder who is going home so his member ride can take both of us to the mission home. From there, I have no idea what's going to happen besides exit interviews and a testimony meeting.

  Bobs baptism was awesome. about half the ward was there. Pres. Baker wasn't able to attend though. Our lesson on Thursday with Temperance went Very well! She has already started reading, asked for homework and said she had cold shills run down her back when we taught the pre-mortal existence. She wasn't able to come to Church though, she was working. We even had a stellar recent convert of 3-4 years with us. He was a big help.

  Thanks for all the support ya'll have given me. ...I'll see you tomorrow < ------That's a weird sentence...

Wish I could do it again,

The last time...

Elder Meyerink '12-'14 VRM/VCM

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 July 2014 Hurricane Arthur!!

  By the way, hurricane Arthur was not bad at all. We didn't get evacuated. In face we got like 4 inches of rain in the middle of the night and a HUGE thurderbolt that woke me up at like 2am. Okay, thunder out here just sucks, they have lightning, but nothing like Utah, thunder doesn't roll out here like there. But, this one, rattled the windows for like 12-15 seconds. It was loud. Straight up loud. Not to mention the flash woke me up, my guess, straight on top of us. And, Elder Coltrin didn't notice when I told him in the morning.
  Yes, the sisters went over to Pres. Hamiltons when we left at 4:30. They were at their front door watching as we sang. Mostly we just hung out. Played a bit of basketball, including a dunk-contest which was so fun. Then a water-balloon dodge ball fight. Note- I was the fist one out because one of the Elders on our team decided that he was going to sacrifice himself and run toward the enemies so they would waste all balloons on him so I joined him and got pelted square in the chest in less than 1 second by an elder who is like 6' 7"...needless to say, that man has an arm and water can be very hard. it was fun though. We had pizza and just sat and chatted about past areas. At their house, we were just there about 1-4pm.
We then drove Newport news 2nd B Elders bask to their apartment, their on bike, and drove all the way to a members house which in the first place is 20 miles inland from our apartment. Courthouse, to Williamsburg for zone meeting, to newport news for Pres. Hamiltons for fun, to newport news ghetto, to members house, to home was all wonderful total of 140 miles and over 2 1/2 hours of driving. :/ That took a dent in our miles for the month. but, today, a member is picking us up to fish at a less actives house down south and then drive us to dinner so we won't use any miles today, except to get here to email. It's great :)
  Gloucester is doing great still. Elder Coltrin led me to someone's house that he and Elder Beeton found tracting on exchanges. We were there for a while teaching the restoration on the front porch with the man's wife, he wasn't home, and it went very well. She grabbed a notebook and wrote down practically everything we taught, including scriptures she looked up and read and agreed with. Her husband got home at the end as we testified of the Book of Mormon and invited them to pray and act. We did not get a return appointment due to their scheduling, but the are sincere and will call us this week, or well swing by later. She is so prepared, and even had a soft baptismal commitment. Their names are Olivia and Anthony and prayers on their behalf would be very much appreciated.
The Other miracle I found out in Zone Meeting as i was sharing the story of last week the chinese people with Elder Adsit. After I told it to the zone, he then leaned over and told me that they found them the next day and gave them the Chinese Book of Mormon. I was so excited! The whole Zone chuckled as i did a fist pump and gave Elder Adsit a high five as i was next to him conducting. Miracles have not ceased. It's as simple as that. Even to that, Bob is still ready and waiting for and okay from doctors to be baptized. We finished laws and ordinances last night. We had a good time after his lesson last night as he took us out in his yard and we played around with his long bow. it was fun. Don't worry, the Handbook says nothing about bows, just guns :) Oh, at the moment, his date moved to the 19th caue he hasn't heard form his doctors yet.
Hope all goes well for yall. Have a great week.
Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 2014 Found Chinese family in park,

Another experience this week: (This paragraph is probably from his letter to mission president, since he talks about pictures He taught us to use. )

  As for the exchange with Elder Adsit. It went very well. I think we both learned alot. It was fun, I love Elder Adsit and who he is. We able to help a member move some furniture, knock on a few houses and place cards. Mostly what I learned was in the evening when we were walking around the park by their apartment to stay out until 9:30.
  We ran into a Chinese family and gave the daughter a card and Book of Mormon. She spoke English, her parents did not, but she seems very excited about the whole thing. We told them about and even did the whole explaining the Book of Mormon with the pictures you had us learn last month. Doing that, the parents seemed interested in the pictures. When we got back to the apartment, we remembered the simplified Chinese Book of Mormon in the car and ran and grabbed it to get it to them. We ended up running nearly the whole way around the parks track to find them, in the dark, with a Chinese Book of Mormon. Got to say that's the first time I've done that. Needless to say, when the Spirit prompts you to give someone a it. I even told them about Christian and how he wants to be a missionary in china but cant. 

Elder Meyerink

  Corky's baptism went well. In fact, yesterday in combined 3rd hour bishop was teaching about the temple after conversion and she raised her hand and said "By the way, I need a temple recommend interview with you." He said, "Ya, that's next Sunday, 2nd hour." It was awesome!

  Bob. He was not baptized this last week. He still hasn't healed yet. Also hasn't gotten a hold of his doctors to see when his head can be submerged. Technically, they don't even want him at church do to sneezes and maybe someone being sick. He still has an open wound on his head. As for the moment, he is set for July 12th seeing as how we have to get the interview a week before baptism. The font still has not been fixed either, they need to do a full restoration, re-tiling and all that jazz. 

  Elder Coltrin is still as awesome. He's been out about 7-8 months now. He was trained in Greenville NC when I was with Elder Tenney in Kinston. He also served in Yorktown, in which was his last area, just on the other side of the bridge.

District Leader position is working out well. It's a bit fun planning district meetings again. As for exchanges, we go once per transfer with the zone leaders who cover both the Jamestown and Williamsburg wards. The sisters go on exchanges with the Sister training leaders. They then call me and tell me how the sisters are doing. The district leaders can consult with the district on what goals the district wants. So far, we haven't done that yet, we're all doing pretty well off.

  John dropped us and returned all the literature we gave him. He texted us and told him he wants to stay with his current relationship with Jesus/God while also doing A.A. In other news, we got a Headquarter referral named Ethan. His freind in Alaska that used to live here sent him a Book of Mormon and a card. We set an appointment at the Chuch, but he wasn't there, so we'll get a hold of him later. He seemed pretty promising. 

  Sounds like a family trek would have been way fun. hope yall learned alot from it. Glad to know the families are still getting together. I figured as much as to speaking in other wards. Ya, mom sent me an email about their trip back to utah. Have fun "batching it up" then. Good to know Arthur is working on the temple. I'm kind of (atrociously) bummed it's closed when I get home. Oh, by the way, that will be the first thing I do when I get home. After I get released, we are doing a session. Nothing else comes first. I hope everybody that wants to see me understands that I haven't been in a temple in two would be even cooler if we could do it before I get released, seeing as how I have no idea what is happening there.

Has the Stake Presidency gotten you the info for all that yet? Like who, when, and where I report after landing? If you could pass that on to me that would be great! Thanks. 

Have a good one!
Love, Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 June 2014 Sewage in the Font change buildings!!

  Bob wasn't able to make it to Corky's baptism.

 Okay. Corky's baptism. Elder Coltrin and I went to the Church to fill the font at about 3 PM. the baptism was schedules for 7:30 by the way. We open the door to start filling it...and there is this rank smell. So, we though one of the jumpers was moldy or something, so Elder Coltrin starts checking the jumpsuits. While he does that, I turn on the light and look down the stairs to the font. I beheld a brown film floating on the muck colored water just above the first step of the font. Then the smell actually hit us. Sewage.

 The lightning storm last night knocked out a pump and the sewage backed up into the font, the natural low point of the building. You've got to be kidding me! Today? Really?!? Okay, so we call the stake building manager and report it. So, we call Corky and see if we can move it to the stake center in Yorktown. She was fine with it, so the calls begin. Ward mission leader, bishopric, mission pres (permission to leave area), numerous members who plan on attending, and half the Newport news south zone so they can start filling the font. Not to mention, the (sister Missionaries) Hermanas are at the church waiting for a contact they met to come so we can meet him and teach him at the church.

So he shows up and is awesome. His name is John. He prayed one morning to ask God what he needs to do. The Hermanas that day felt to pull over and talk to him when he was broke down on the side of the road. He is way interested. Could use some prayers. He couldn't make it to church yesterday, said he'd try for next week. we have a return appointment this Friday. So, while were teaching him the Restoration, which was awesome, our phone was blowing up with vibrations. Calls, voicemails, texts, more calls. In which one of them we knew was Pres. Baker. But, it all got  worked out, Elder Grace baptized her, took 3 times but they got it.
  Sounds like you enjoyed the familyTrek. Ha, mosquito bites. Bugs out here are size of blackhawks, it's ridiculous. Figured you would get burned. It is good to hear the ward is missionary minded. So, does that mean I get to speak in other wards in the stake as well?
  How are you as bachelor with mom out of town? you've been married 37 years tomorrow congrats!!...
Anyways, have a good one.
Love yall
Elder Meyerink

Saturday, June 14, 2014

8 June 2014 Setting Goals & Staying focused.

 We found out this week that one of the Sisters investigators here moved back to Mexico and got baptized last week were he lives! Awesome! Ya, I've also been emailing Krystine as well. I'm jealous of the whole temple trip. We watched "Mountain of the Lord" With Bob yesterday and talked about temples. He even came home after Sacrament meeting to rest from surgery and had the thought "I'm gonna read some scriptures." It was cool. He also like the talk about patience and story of Hugh B. Brown and the current bush in Canada ( (Thais one of my favorite Mormon messages ever! Watch it! it applies to gardening :P) that was given by a member or the stake high council from Williamsburg. so Bob is doing great, had surgery a few days ago which included 14 shots in his face as the sewed up some more skin on his nose. another three weeks till his baptism due to submersion. 

  Yes, Briannas baptism was Saturday. Yes, her dad baptized her. She loved it and even bore her simple missionary-driven testimony at the end of the service. her non member sister and her husband attended. They enjoyed it as well. Crystal was able to attend and said she couldn't wait to get baptized. We have a lesson on tithing and fast tomorrow. Sister Jeter texted us and said this week was busy and to try next week. Ya, that story is totally how the Lord works. I never remember the most of what I say in lessons or in a blessing. I guess that's a sign of teaching with the Spirit right? Even if it is, its something I need to work on. Along with alot of other things. The members are catching up to missionary work here. the Book of Mormon message we share from Preach My Gospel affects them you can see it. All in the Lords time. We know one day there will be a Glouceter VA stake. I'm excited for that day. 

  Oh yes, exchanges. I love exchanges. its an opportunity to see how other Elder s teach, grow, learn, and cope with their imperfections. Its truly a great experience. They are planned in advance and last for 24 hours. here, one of the Zone Leaders comes to Gloucester and one of us goes to Williamsburg/Jamestown to work with one of them for a day. Elder Mabry was fun. During our exchange, he had 11 days left but he wasn't counting just knew it was soon. Its easy to figure out though. he flys out tomorrow so were going to Newport News for lunch today with them after email. He just tried as hard as he could to stay focused. A few times he even had to slap himself and say "Stay focused!" Hey, if it works it works right? Basically, he and I had a chat about what happens during the last transfer, all the crap Satan puts in your path, and what we've heard the world is like when you get home. ie. straight up weird and foreign. We had a great talk about that stuff though and both set goals to stay focused and keep our minds on the work while were here so it was good. Ha, he is totally the personality, character, and even shape and size as Thom . Yea, even 6' 6" and size 13 shoes. :P Every missionary should be going on at least one exchange per transfer with a leader. in our case, the Zone Leaders since there are no Elder in the district and Elder Grace is...well, was District Leader. Which reminds me...

  Transfer calls were Saturday (Pres moved them from Sunday) He called and said "I've decided to break up the dynamic duo." Elder Grace is going to Hampton in a  bike area, which is back to the Ghetto for him. He served 11 months in Norfolk. I am staying here and taking the calling of District Leader. Its going to be a joy to do that again. Elder Coltrin is coming up here from Yorktown, literally right across the bridge from us to the south. He was in Kinston west zone when I was in kinston a few months ago so I know him a bit. Yeah for having 15 companions!

  Thanks for the email. have a good one Y'all!
Love, Elder Meyerink

Ps by mom.... who just realized that this is THE last transfer before he comes home, meaning he has 6 weeks left to work really hard on his mission.!!

2 June 2014 B of M answers questions of the soul.

 Testimony meeting here was great. Pres. McMinn, past bishop here and counselor in the stake presidency, attended. He invited 3 minute testimonies. It allowed more people to get to the pulpit and more real testimonies as apposed to thankamonies or storymonies. It was awesome. Yes, Bob was there and enjoyed it. He is recovering well, but received news he needs to go in for surgery on Thursday, which pushes his baptism back another three weeks and there may be another follow-up after that. Crystal was unable to make it, she was in pain from her surgery/recovery. The sisters investigator bore her testimony as well. Her name is Brianna. She moved in with/was adopted by a member family so she can be sealed to them. She is 18 and so ready for baptism. She passed her interview yesterday and is even telling her friends about the Church. She is solid. Her baptism is this Saturday at 730, and she is stoked. Desmond is doing great as well. We talked to him about going on exchanges with the missionaries. He thought it was a great idea. Most everybody in the ward knows about Bob and loves him. The entire ward has his back. They all love the Wesingers. Haven't gotten a hold of the Jeters this week. 
  I don't remember if I told you about Jimmy yet. he was found by Elder Richardson and Grace when they broke the phone and had to get a new one at Verizon. They talked to him and he said he was interested. Elder grace and I got a hold of him last moth but never got a return appointment. Friday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders here and Elder Mabry and I went to Verizon, got his address and a return appointment. Elder Grace and I went to the Verizon store yesterday and answered a few questions and set up for Tuesday at his house. He seems very interested to me, a tad distracted, but more curious than anything due to the new information. Hopefully we can get him to Church, he is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Mosiah already. He said, "it makes more sense than the Bible" and is "enlightening". Hopefully his wife will join him. 

  For member visits: Page 107 of Preach My Gospel. Pres Benson says, "Missionaries need to show how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul." So, were doing that. having the members read through the bulleted questions and pick one to read with us. Having the question in mind i.e. Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur? We read 2 Nephi 2. Then talk about what revelation we received and what verses stood out. Then commit them to do this again with a different question another day without us there. 

Have a fun trip over here on the east coast. Prepare for humidity, its definitely here.

Love ya"all Have a great week 
Elder Meyerink

Monday, May 19, 2014

19 May 2014 Surgeries delay baptisms.

  Yes, Desmond is good for Saturday. he passed his interview yesterday and they are planning on getting married sometime this summer. We have a lesson on Wed. with them to make sure he's got everything down. Smoking is not even a problem now for Bob. He is done. No questions asked. His last relapse, that one he mooched, left him so repentant it was crazy. he also had nose surgery/reconstruction this week to take skin cancer out of his nose. So, we saw him yesterday. he's doing okay, he says he could be better but is glad he's done smoking cause that would tear him up if he was recovering while smoking. So, his date is being pushed back. The doctors said they don't want him submerged for three weeks. 
Crystal goes in for surgery today,  Her recovery should be to long though. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this last week. It went well.
 Ya, the ward has 6 people set for the month of June. The Herman-as (Spanish sisters) have three Hispanics, and an 18 year old girl set. Ya, were working with a less active family that just needs to hold an appointment and keep their commitments. They work in DC by the way, three hour commute on a good day. They are  the Jeters, prayers would be nice for soft hearts on their behalf. 

 That's the most for now. Have a good week ya'll.
Love ya, Elder Meyerink

Monday, May 12, 2014

12 May 2014 Hold to the Spirit.

  We had our second lesson with Crystal yesterday. It's all a bit slow for her to understand, but she gets it when we ask for understanding questions. She is being fellow shipped by an older couple who is excited for her.

  Bob stopped smoking, smoked one and repented like crazy. We're pretty sure h'll never smoke again the way he told us he felt sorry for the one. Desmond still rocks. He is pumped to get baptized.

  Deb sent me pics of Peter, good to know I have a third relative I've never met now... :/ oh well, Ill see them all later.

  I'll let ya know how next week goes. We're in Newport News with other elders today, packed with pday fun so got to go.   
Love y'all

Elder Meyerink
 Only two more transfers..... left in this mission. 
Dad & Mom say  "Thanks for your phone call today. It was great to hear from you and to feel your spirit. It sounds like things are going very well for you and your companion and you have some great people to teach. Keep the focus on them and help them as they run into the roadblocks that Satan will place in their way........

Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May 2014 Awesome Conf with Elder Bednar!!

  Conference with Elder Bednar was awesome. Virginia Chesapeake Mission and Virginia Richmond Mmission met at the Righmond stake center. 470 missionaries were there. Including past companions and friends from the Richmond mission. I would get you the notes from what he said, but he asked we write what The Spirit said, and not his words. Basically, it was a revealatory experience. We were asked to study some of his talks; Converted unto the Lord, Ask in faith, and Seek learning by faith. He then opened it up to all the missionaries and asked, "What did you learn?" Then asked follow up questions. It became a giant discussion. There were a lot of things said and heard that helped with a lot of questions that I had, and didn't know I had. even though I didn't get to directly ask him a question, but, they were answered. It was awesome. Not to mention the Apostolic blessing he gave us.

  We had a miracle this week. A few days ago in personal study, a lady called us and when I explained who we were, she asked, "How can I join this church?" We explained the process and set her up to have a member bring her to Church. She came and loved Elder Bednar. She then asked for a Church tour, so we did. When we showed her the Font, she again asked, "When can I join?" We then set up the lessons at the members home who had brought her. Her name is Crystal. 

  Bob is committed to stop smoking this last weekend. he ran out of cigarettes and isn't planning on buying any more. He also came and enjoyed our meeting with Elder Bednar on Sunday as we addressed the Stake. Desmond also came and liked it. He is also on track for his date for May 24th. Prayers for these three would be very appreciated. 

  Hope ya'll have a great week. Expect the Mothers day call around evening ish.
Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, April 28, 2014

28 April 2014 Staying In Glouster.

Transfer calls were Saturday. We're staying in Gloucester. Only three changes in the zone.

  Cool story. I sent it to Sister H. She was trained in Harpers Ferry, the neighboring ward though. 

  D.came to Church, we taught G. Principles about exaltation. They took it well. We then had a lesson after Church at her parent's house. Doctrine of Christ. He took it very well. When we asked him if he has prayed, he said, "I have, and I believe it." So he is still on track for May 24th. We're teaching the commandments next, our return apt is next week though do to work schedules. 

  B is still doing well. He missed church for work but was sad he couldn't make it. Don't know if I told ya'll but he owns a concrete business and is teaching a bunch of kids how to work steel and crete. Gotta be rough for a mid-life guy. 

 G  D in Kinston is also set for May 24th I just heard. As well as an investigator I  met in Kinston is set for either the 3rd or 6th, depending on his work schedule. Lots of baptism going on here. 

  That's about it. Getting a hold of the other investigators is the tough part. We do have an appointment tomorrow at a Verizon store with a potential. Hope it goes well. 

  Have a great week y'all.
Elder Meyerink

Monday, April 21, 2014

21 April 2014 going to Richmond in a Bi-Mission conference

  Easter was awesome. Bishop and his wife spoke. Both about Easter, the Atonement and change especially. Bob came to Church and loved it again. Our new investigator, Desmond, came as well. He is engaged to a less active member who wants to come back. We had a great restoration lesson at her parents' house last week. He is set for the 24th, we'll see how it goes. He seems pretty interested. Bishop told us to go home and watch this : and Purifying Power of Gethsemane. So, we shared That with our Dinner appointment. It was really an awesome priesthood meeting we watched a series of the Bible videos. 

  Bob works for a concrete and steel company. Still doing heavy labor with them. He enjoys just about everything about the Church. oh, his date is now the 17th of May, so please pray that he can make his date. Thanks. We haven't talked to him yet about family history, but it's in line with the discussions a bit later with temple work. Don't remember how long they have been married, I think they have some kids, but their empty nested too. 

  The ward is small-medium size. They don't have pews, just rowed chairs. But, they are close to getting a renovation as the building is made to be renovated. They just need over 140 in constant attendance. Apparently, a General Authority not long ago said due to the people here, in the future, there will be a stake in Gloucester. They just need to figure out how to do the Work and have the Charity to spread the Gospel. Ward mission leader is okay, we have correlation weekly. He led a small discussion in opening announcements about referrals and member home lessons and such. The Hermanas (Spanish sisters) for now do English work until Spanish people come in for summer jobs. They attend the ward and translate for any Spanish people. 

  Oh, on May 3rd, we will be going to Richmond in a Bi-Mission conference with them to hear from Elder Bednar, who will then address the Newport News Stake (Ours) for stake conference the following week. We also will go to that even though they broadcast it to all the units. Tad R. Callister and Jay E. Jensen were supposed to come, but will be new people since they received new callings. 

  Thanks for the email. 
Love Ya'll 
Elder Meyerink

Monday, April 14, 2014

14 April 2014 baptism date changed

  Not to much has changed here. Bobs baptism has to be moved. May 3rd is when Elder Bednar will be having a conference with all the bishops and stake presidents so Bishop cant be there. Bob wants him to be there. Plus, we thinks he might need some more time to quit coffee and smoking. Mostly coffee. We have a few potentials coming up in the future. Its going good. 

Oh and if you wonder why my emails get shorter, its cause writing makes me trunkie. Talk to ya next week.
Elder Meyerink

Monday, April 7, 2014

7 April 2014 Amazing Conference all 5 sessions!!

  Well. Conference was Freaking amazing!!!!! We watched all 5 sessions. B. as well got to watch conference. His wife is a spiritual giant. He enjoyed listening to the different speakers. Which, also counts as an investigator at Sacrament meeting. He has never had a problem with the Church though. This is the first time he has taken the lessons. So far as we know, he is done smoking since he's working now. Yes, they were just recovering after the accident. Lots of financial things followed all her surgeries. He was not in the accident by the way. He is still set for May 3rd for baptism.
  We have a bunch of potential in the area. We have a few members that are working with people. As well as some former investigators we are going to check up on. So far as this week, most of our appointments cancelled. But, B.+ is still progressing towards baptism so I am completely content. We are also trying to look for a place to move. Ha, there was an ad in the paper for a 850/month 1br rec room professional/couple preferred. We thought that applied to us, but it is to far north to be affective in the area. Nonetheless, were not in a big hurry to move.
  Oh, the annual Gloucester daffodil festival was this weekend. We went and checked it out between sessions. It was kind of like the outdoor festival at the park between us and REI back home. Lots of little product stands. We did have the opportunity to pass out some cards. There were some members there from the Glen Allen ward in Richmond. It blew my mind how close I am to "home."
  That's a great quote form Joseph Smith. There were a ton of good quotes in conference, to many to count. This session was insane. The first two sessions it felt like the Church members were being reproved and commanded to repent. Which makes perfect sense, that's what prophets and apostles do ain't it? To me the theme of this conference was, "Something's about to happen...Are you sure your ready for it?" I also realized that this was my last missionary General Conference. It's crazy to think by the next one...I'll be home. This mission is going way too fast!
Hope ya'll have a great week.
Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 New address, Teaching, Apartment hunting

  Gloucester is still amazing. Our progressing investigator B., is a part-member. She got in a severe car crash last fall. Rear ended a logging truck. Its humbled the both of them. She is miraculously recovering. She has talked to him alot about the Church. We taught the Restoration last week and the Plan of Salvation yesterday. He took it really well. He is in 1 Nephi 4 as of yesterday. He says he believes the Book of Mormon is more of Gods word. He is set for Baptism on May 3rd and is going to stop smoking Cold Turkey as soon as he gets back into working. The ward is excited, as well as his wife. Prayers on their behalf would be a big help. Thanks for the support. 

  Yes, we live like a mile southeast of Gloucester Courthouse. Ha, believe it or not...we're looking for a place to move. This apartment is terrible. We're need to fix the shower, hard water buildup...bad. We got the stuff to do that today. It is quite a big area. We cover all of the peninsula and go into King and Queen county. There are Hermanas here too. (Spanish sisters) Our Zone meeting are at the Williamsburg Building. We're actually going to Newport News today to just have some fun since we have enough miles to burn, they don't roll over month to month. Yorktown is in the Newport News south zone. We'll visit history studd when we tour the mission for ya, I want to see it too. Elder grace is from Sacramento. He is Japanese, just the looks, his dad was born in Japan then moved here as a very small child. 

  Weather sounds normal there. Its warming up here. Yes, I go over my patriarchal blessing regularly. I got a scripture size one in the MTC and I made a wallet sized one in Mt. Olive. They rock. 

 the new address.
 6869 Endfield Rd. 
 Gloucester VA, 23061
 Don't worry about boxes, most should be going that way soon. I think maybe another 3 flat rate boxes. Oh, and a member in Kinston is shipping something to the house. It's my Christmas Present from them. It will be from J.or L . Dont open it. IT IS FRAGILE...VERY!! (Just letting you know) I'll let ya know later when I start real packing, but that's in a few months.
 Now, we're working. After all, Elder Grace goes home 6 weeks after I do     
." We're old, but we know what were doing too, as well as open and humble to the Lord's will. great things will happen here," Pres. Baker told us that. 
We also have interviews this Wednesday. 

This is the Newsletter for the Mission. They are sending us PDFs so ya'll can get them too. :P

Hope yall have a wonderful week! 
Elder Meyerink

Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 March 24 Love new Town & Comp! Cool Picture

  Gloucester is amazing. By the way, it's pronounced Gloster. Elder Grace and I have clicked like crazy. Four days of being in the area and we have three new investigators. Two of which are part member families who have never been taught before. The other was a member's friend they invited to dinner on Sunday night. We shared a message we planned on about "Ask in faith" from Elder Bednar. After the lesson with her and the family, she asked us quite a few good questions and we answered them and asked her if she wanted to take the lessons. She said yes with enthusiasm. Miracles are happening. 
  We also had ward conference yesterday. Pres. Hamilton (Stake Pres.) has great vision on understanding The atonement.  Bishop Huie also has a great vision for reactivation, baptizing and most important, conversion of all. So far, this transfer/companionship/area rocks. I've applied a lot of things I learned in Kinston here, sharing how we did member work there with Elder Grace and chatting about it, we have a great plan for helping the Work here. 
  Yup, just as you described, it's mid-country. A bit less rural that Mt Olive but less city than Kinston. Its the perfect blend of city and country, at least for my taste. It reminds me of where Mike and Krystine live in WA. 
Oh, and the picture is of us doing a members place in Kinston. :P

Love ya' ll, have a good week!
Below doin' member service in Kinston!!
Mom says yup-- that's his elbow--but really Elder welding in Shorts?!! Never in Dad's shop!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March 2014 Picture- Transferred --I've got the Hang of it!!

                       Picture taken 2014 March 19 @ lunch with Chad, Liz & their Grandma.
  I am being transferred to Gloucester VA. I am actually taking the place of Elder Richardson, who served with me in with Mt. Olive. Elder Grace is my new companion. He was in the Virginia Beach Zone when I was in Sandbridge. He is a cool guy. It's gonna be great. 

  As for Zone Conference. There was so much that I can't really put it into words. Especially since I left my notes at home. We tried to teach the restoration without using words or empty phrases such as um, like, so, kind of, and well. It was hard since our generation is so used to using those words. Yeah, It is a great time for me, especially since its coming to an end. I have noticed I've been learning more when I don't email as much. It's a weird phenomenon. I've reached a point where I just want to be absorbed in what's happening here. Maybe it's just cause our p-days are so jammed that emailing seems less desirable. Sorry. I just feel like this is the first part of my life away from home long enough I've gotten the hang of it. 

  We got a hold of J. We swung by and talked to him when he was picking up his back yard. He came to stake conference when Elder Perry broadcast from UT. He emphasized missionary work.  J. enjoyed it. We had a member call us this week to tell us he had a referral for us and that he was going to have him over for a lesson this week. Should be good. Oh, and we haven't met with G. D. at all. And, we probably won't teach him. We're gonna try to stick with the stake referrals and get them up and running again. 

  Hope all goes well this week. 
Elder Meyerink

Monday, March 10, 2014

9 March 2014 Baptism from Members teaching!!

Hi All,
  This week went well. I think I told you that J. was out of town at his mom's place for the week. We couldn't get a contact of him though. But, he still gets the scripture of the day texts we send out everyday. Hopefully he is doing well and we can meet up with him this week.
 In other news, a part-member in the ward set his own baptismal date for April 12th. He has burned through at least 20 sets of missionaries through the years. Our ward mission leader and his assistant went and had a lesson with him last week. He feels he is ready to quit smoking and be baptized. Prayers would be well appreciated, his name is G. D.. 
Oh, by the way, I have never had a lesson, so that helps my testimony of member missionary work. So help those back home realize that it's not all that hard. 

  Zone Meeting was this last week, Zone conference (President is there) is this Tuesday. Zone Meeting was about The Spirit. The difference between the Light of Christ and the Personage and Gift of the Spirit. It was related how The personage of the Holy Ghost is a DJ on the radio station, the gift of the Holy Ghost is a pocket radio, and the presence of the Holy Ghost is the right channel. The Light of Christ is light Light (Which is is) Sunlight. It is in everything in one form or another chemically. Sometimes an investigator can feel the (Sunlight) of the light of Christ, but can only hear our radio channel temporarily. It was a great meeting. Ill tell ya how Zone Conference was next week. 

 Oh, dont split any of the elm tree yet!!! Thats my work-out plan for when I get home! Arthur told me it needs to be split, so I plan on doing that. 

  That quote speaks the secondary message of the Book of Mormon. Keeping Commandment brings blessings and shuns the wrath of God. I like it. 
Have a great week ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 March 2014 Thanks for the Mail & Support!!

  J. is very promising. We had a lesson on Wednesday. Taught a bit of of the Word of Wisdom and showed Prophet of the Restoration. He loved it, as well as the Spirit that was present. The member we had with us testified of Joseph Smith and of the Word of Wisdom as well. We then gave him a blessing to help with said issues. That night, a few days later he told us, he went and bought a Starbucks canned coffee and it made him sick as to he could not finish the can and threw it away after it made him throw up. He's happy he's stopped drinking coffee. Now to work with his Cigarettes and tea, in which he says tea will be harder than smoking. But he says he has the faith and he does. It might just take a bit. As for his family situation, he's trying to move to his mom's house a bit southwest from here. Oh, haha, and we were checking up on a potential investigator this week, he offered us some ya. I'm officially in the South. :P

  Zone Conference is next week just so you know. So I'll let you know how that goes. 
 I wasn't able to catch 3rd hour this week as we were helping to teach Primary with the 1st counselor of the Bishopric. Sunday School was good though.
 Tell everyone HI in the ward for me. And tell them thanks for the mail, especially Bro. Randall, I do enjoy his Dear Elders he sends. Tell them I am to busy to respond, but am grateful for their support. I can't wait to go Home Teaching when I get home. I was thinking about Christian the other day, Has anyone put his name on the Prayer Roll? I'll try to email him next week. Send him my bro-love. Do the other Elders from Garden Heights know about his situation? Its crazy Elder Chriss has hit his year already, that means the others are close. 

Hope everyone's week goes well
Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 24, 2014

24 feb. 2014 Great Leadership Meeting! D+C 20:37

  We had a pretty good week. We had 5 member present Lessons, a new/progressing investigator. His name is J.  T. We found him in the formers. He came to do service with us at a community breakfast in town. We then went to the Church, had a lesson based on Elder Hollands "Safety for the Soul" Talk about the Book of Mormon. We clarified some points, and he promised to come to Church. He did and loved it. He said he always feels welcome here. He would love to be baptized if his influential brother wasn't druggedlly tearing the house apart. Once he can get out of the house, quitting smoking, and drinking coffee and tea should be easier. We're going to teaching him in member homes to help with his progression. He is also a landscaper/fix er up er, so he and I clicked right fast. And yes, I still keep in contact with the Pococks.

  Leadership meeting was great! President prayed about who to take due to how many people were going on exchanges (Assistants and Zone Leaders) and they needed one more set of Elders, so we were invited. They talked about the expectations of exchanges with leaders, Teaching about revelation through Church attendance, and Baptismal interviews. Touching on D+C 20:37 Alot. About real conversion and using the Spirit in an interview to learn the testimonies of these potential members. The Meeting was held in New Bern, 40 minutes SE. on Tue and Wed. We drove with our car. There's a spot thats 70 MPH. It felt weird going over 60... The People that were there were: President and Sister Baker, the Assistants, both Kinston sets of Zone Leaders, all the District Leaders and Elder Aitken and I. The biggest thing I learned that applies to Mission Life is centering teaching and conversion on D+C 20:37 and the requirements therein. Having done Baptismal interviews before, I know what to look for in helping people understand about their path to exaltation. 
Oh, to explain the suitcases/future boxes. I have amazingly acquired a few Very Worth-While Items for free, so I shipped some home. I did get a super huge suitcase in Mt Olive so I shipped the normal large one home filled with stuff. 

Hope ya'll have a great week!

Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 17, 2014

17 feb 2014 Snow & Teaching!

  It snowed on Tuesday and Wednesday so we stayed in. F. and T. are the couple that came last week. They did not come this week though. We are planning on seeing them tomorrow night. Our teaching pool is a bit more full now, the problem we have is contacting them. We did pick up a new investigator this week. She is the boyfriend of a former investigator that  my last companion and I taught. We have an appointment with them on Wednesday. 
Oh, it snowed on Tuesday so we stayed in until we decided to walk to a potential's place He wants to stay with his Church though.
 We do have a member stake conference referral lesson tonight, so we look forward to that. 
  Elder Aitken and I were invited to the Leadership training tomorrow and Wednesday in New Bern. I'll let you know how that went next week. 
Family history consultant needs the computers. "Talk" to ya'll next week.

Love, Elder Meyerink 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 February 2014 Great week!

  We had a great week! While not much happened fruit-wise in our procelyting, we felt we worked harder this week. We took our Ward Mission Leader to a lesson with an investigator couple. He invited them to Church, Ward ball, and to be fellowshipped as well as baptism. They came to Church! That hasn't happened in a while and I am glad the Lord answers our prayers concerning that. They said they loved it and are definitely coming back next week. Our dinner/lesson cancled due to a death in the family I think. They are still interested, so the member is scheduling another appointment.
  Good to hear everythings going on back home. Sorry, time is running.
Let me know if you're on any videos!
Love Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Feb 2014 Almost new Investigator

  Ironically, we still have not got in contact with J and L. They moved, haven't answered their phones and their member friend hasn't heard from them. 
And yes, I heard about the snow. In fact, we couldn't go out Tue, Thur, or Wed. So...our member dinner lesson got postponed to this week. :/    I'll let ya'll know how it went. 
Oh, and Elder Aitken and I are staying in Kinston. Calls actually came on Saturday night for some odd reason.
 But, on the super awesome proselyting side of things: We had a dinner lesson with another one of the stake conference referrals. He (E) is awesome. Within 30 seconds of walking in the door, he started asking questions. He knows the Bible, his dad was a non-denominational preacher for different denominations. If that makes sense...nonetheless, Questions were answered, shrimp stew was eaten and The Restoration was explained and watched. We asked him if he would be baptized if he knew it was true. He said, "I'd so anything for Salvation." Unfortunately, he didn't know his schedule so we didn't get a specific return appointment. Thus, paper wise, he is not a new investigator yet, but he really is. He said we'll get a time together for this next week. So that's good news :)

    So yeah, next week should be a bit better.
Hope ya'll are doing good. Take Care.
Love Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

27 January 2013 Church Talk & BBQed Pig

  Oh, the Irony. I spoke on Sunday too. We were the backup this week. Bishop called and asked us. I went first, Elder Aitken followed. I was prompted with the topic "The Restoration in the words of a 20 year old." So, I spoke for twenty minutes, without note, scriptures, or anything but quoting the first vision from the pamphlet. Basically, I taught the Restoration in my words on the pulpit. Elder Aitken followed with a great talk he put together on "What it means to be a disciple" Including John 6 - Lovest thou me? The members enjoyed it and a few mentioned how they felt the Spirit and had promptings. It was great. Oh, I like how you can search and veiw the document on the Joseph Smith papers. But it doesn't have the Church Logo on the site, so its technically not approved. I'll check it out later.
  We got a hold of J. and L.. He cooked a pig and invited us over for some BBQ. It's not that they didn't want to meet with us, just a few bad schedulings in a row. We've got a dinner and lesson scheduled this Thursday with a member and his referral. Yes, we do a bit of our own finding. cleaning up the Less-actives on the roster helps, just talking to people. That's how we got one of our investigators, L. Not to much different this week than last. We're on bikes next week. We had 8 Less-active lessons this last week.
 Oh! It Snowed!!!And everyone went to the store right before to buy eggs, milk, and bread. Why? We have no idea. It just melts in 24 hours anyways...we'll research why sometime. It's suppose to snow soon again. A member asked if we needed some extra bread, milk or was interesting. Nonetheless. Good week. 
I found a good quote you could share with our home teaching families considering as how the prophet has called all to work in the vineyard:
"The reflection that everyone is to receive according to his own diligence and perseverance while in the vineyard, ought to inspire everyone who is called to be a minister of these glad tidings, to so improve his talent . . . that when the Master sits down to take an account of the conduct of His servants, it may be said, Well done, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will now make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."
Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 2:6.

Transfer calls are on Sunday night. Talk to ya'lls later! Have a good one!
Love elder Meyerink

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 Jan 2014 How it should be!

  I have just discovered It rocks. Just a thought.
  J. and L. canceled again and didn't come to Church. But we found where one of our investigators lives. So we saw them with a member and had a great Restoration lesson with them, they didn't show for church either, but we'll go see them tonight. 
We still have 53 referrals to contact. It's not a Elders or Sisters- "Here is a list of people ya'll should see, here's their address, have fun Elders." It's set up to be this way: The members call their referrals, have some sort of invitations ie dinner and a lesson with the missionaries in their home and thus contacting the referrals. This is where the problem lies. The members aren't calling, talking to, or really doing anything with most of the names. We have 1 or 2 dinners set up, but the ball should be rolling and it's not. nonetheless, the members are still great members.
  Thanks for the story, I was wondering how that all went- your conversion. By the way, do you have any info or contact with the Elders that taught and baptized you?
  Good to know Sarah and Josh are doing well. Oh, by the way, Arthur's package hasn't come yet, don't know if he got it shipped yet, or to what address.
  Not to much more for this week.
Love ya'll, Elder Meyerink

Monday, January 13, 2014

13 Jan 2014 Lesson plans

  Yes, They split Conference up, but it was still Mission Conf. They had  VA one and a NC one. Our last three appointments with J and L  kept getting post-poned. We were supposed to have a Lesson last night with a member, but they were spending time with their kids (which they don't have custody of) so we scheduled for tonight. They didn't come to Church either, but that isn't a big concern with them. We're planning on a hard-core Restoration lesson and a Baptismal date. (Fingers crossed) No, we haven't picked up any lesons from the referrals yet, but they are on the horizon. I can't wait!
 Oh, I started reading the Joseph Smith book you sent. It's got some very good insights in it. I like it.
Not much else this week. Have a good one.
Love ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Monday, January 6, 2014

6 January 2014 Happy New Year!

  Yes, we watched Muppet Christmas Carol at our mission conference. Pres Baker's message was about Christmas in the trenches of WWI and how on Christmas eve the Germans held a sign out of the trench saying, "You no shoot, we no shoot." On Christmas, the enemies of a few days ago, were sharing their Christmas traditional treats, caroling, and spending time together. He recounted the power of The Savior and how it mended two enemy nations who were previously destroying each other.
  Good to know that things are going good back home. Hope that family gets baptized. Pray for them. J.and L. are the couple we're teaching. They came to Church again. Sounds like the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit would be cool.
The following is what I emailed Pres. Baker when he asked, "How did the 3rd hour meeting go? What resources did you use?"
""It helps that our Bishop is so young, having his mission in Utah fresh in his mind. Elder Aitken has a DVD with segments of The Work of Salvation broadcast so we showed those; the one of the bishop in Schefield England and the Ward mission leader one. 
We then read in Preach my Gospel where "The ideal situation is when members invite others to be taught and are present for the teaching. When members do this, more people are baptized and remain active in the Church." We then talked about setting a ward mission plan and involving the members so it became their plan, not just ward councils.
 Bishop then told of an account where a sister in the ward called every sister in the ward to let them know milk was on sale at Wal-mart. He then asked how sad it was that we can't do that with our friends with the Gospel. Elder Aitken then mentions fear. No one would say, "You want me to save money on milk? How dare you, I'm offended, we're not friends anymore." Then, "How dare you invite me to have a happier family! I can't believe you would ask me to have a more peaceful life. How dare you share your happy church with me." The analogy made sense to the members that then made comments like, "That makes sense." and, "Well how do we do this as members?"
 President, we had members of the ward showing the faith to ask us to set the goal of twenty baptisms this year. We then shared the statistic that 1 of 5,000 people found  tracting get baptized. 1 of 3 found by a member gets baptized.That plus 100+ referrals that The Lord God Omnipotent, Maker of Heaven and Earth, told you that they are ready to talk to the missionaries blew their minds. It was terrific. The Spirit was so strong.
 I then asked how many of them in class were converts. 2/3rds raised their hands. I asked them to look around. "This is a missionary ward! Do you not see that? It's natural for you." I still thank The Lord for this ward, times may be tough and slow, but it is the best I've had on my Mission. It makes me wonder how The Lord feels with our progress. Is He asking, "Progress faster, can't you see yourself grow?" I wish like Elder Anderson, we would not only catch "The Wave", but surf it and use it.
The Lord is in all of it.   My question is --How can one not see this?
 You as well have a wonderful week President. ""
Have a great week ya'll
Love, Elder Meyerink