Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 March 24 Love new Town & Comp! Cool Picture

  Gloucester is amazing. By the way, it's pronounced Gloster. Elder Grace and I have clicked like crazy. Four days of being in the area and we have three new investigators. Two of which are part member families who have never been taught before. The other was a member's friend they invited to dinner on Sunday night. We shared a message we planned on about "Ask in faith" from Elder Bednar. After the lesson with her and the family, she asked us quite a few good questions and we answered them and asked her if she wanted to take the lessons. She said yes with enthusiasm. Miracles are happening. 
  We also had ward conference yesterday. Pres. Hamilton (Stake Pres.) has great vision on understanding The atonement.  Bishop Huie also has a great vision for reactivation, baptizing and most important, conversion of all. So far, this transfer/companionship/area rocks. I've applied a lot of things I learned in Kinston here, sharing how we did member work there with Elder Grace and chatting about it, we have a great plan for helping the Work here. 
  Yup, just as you described, it's mid-country. A bit less rural that Mt Olive but less city than Kinston. Its the perfect blend of city and country, at least for my taste. It reminds me of where Mike and Krystine live in WA. 
Oh, and the picture is of us doing a members place in Kinston. :P

Love ya' ll, have a good week!
Below doin' member service in Kinston!!
Mom says yup-- that's his elbow--but really Elder welding in Shorts?!! Never in Dad's shop!!

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