Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 March 2014 Thanks for the Mail & Support!!

  J. is very promising. We had a lesson on Wednesday. Taught a bit of of the Word of Wisdom and showed Prophet of the Restoration. He loved it, as well as the Spirit that was present. The member we had with us testified of Joseph Smith and of the Word of Wisdom as well. We then gave him a blessing to help with said issues. That night, a few days later he told us, he went and bought a Starbucks canned coffee and it made him sick as to he could not finish the can and threw it away after it made him throw up. He's happy he's stopped drinking coffee. Now to work with his Cigarettes and tea, in which he says tea will be harder than smoking. But he says he has the faith and he does. It might just take a bit. As for his family situation, he's trying to move to his mom's house a bit southwest from here. Oh, haha, and we were checking up on a potential investigator this week, he offered us some Moonshine...so ya. I'm officially in the South. :P

  Zone Conference is next week just so you know. So I'll let you know how that goes. 
 I wasn't able to catch 3rd hour this week as we were helping to teach Primary with the 1st counselor of the Bishopric. Sunday School was good though.
 Tell everyone HI in the ward for me. And tell them thanks for the mail, especially Bro. Randall, I do enjoy his Dear Elders he sends. Tell them I am to busy to respond, but am grateful for their support. I can't wait to go Home Teaching when I get home. I was thinking about Christian the other day, Has anyone put his name on the Prayer Roll? I'll try to email him next week. Send him my bro-love. Do the other Elders from Garden Heights know about his situation? Its crazy Elder Chriss has hit his year already, that means the others are close. 

Hope everyone's week goes well
Elder Meyerink

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