Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 New address, Teaching, Apartment hunting

  Gloucester is still amazing. Our progressing investigator B., is a part-member. She got in a severe car crash last fall. Rear ended a logging truck. Its humbled the both of them. She is miraculously recovering. She has talked to him alot about the Church. We taught the Restoration last week and the Plan of Salvation yesterday. He took it really well. He is in 1 Nephi 4 as of yesterday. He says he believes the Book of Mormon is more of Gods word. He is set for Baptism on May 3rd and is going to stop smoking Cold Turkey as soon as he gets back into working. The ward is excited, as well as his wife. Prayers on their behalf would be a big help. Thanks for the support. 

  Yes, we live like a mile southeast of Gloucester Courthouse. Ha, believe it or not...we're looking for a place to move. This apartment is terrible. We're need to fix the shower, hard water buildup...bad. We got the stuff to do that today. It is quite a big area. We cover all of the peninsula and go into King and Queen county. There are Hermanas here too. (Spanish sisters) Our Zone meeting are at the Williamsburg Building. We're actually going to Newport News today to just have some fun since we have enough miles to burn, they don't roll over month to month. Yorktown is in the Newport News south zone. We'll visit history studd when we tour the mission for ya, I want to see it too. Elder grace is from Sacramento. He is Japanese, just the looks, his dad was born in Japan then moved here as a very small child. 

  Weather sounds normal there. Its warming up here. Yes, I go over my patriarchal blessing regularly. I got a scripture size one in the MTC and I made a wallet sized one in Mt. Olive. They rock. 

 the new address.
 6869 Endfield Rd. 
 Gloucester VA, 23061
 Don't worry about boxes, most should be going that way soon. I think maybe another 3 flat rate boxes. Oh, and a member in Kinston is shipping something to the house. It's my Christmas Present from them. It will be from J.or L . Dont open it. IT IS FRAGILE...VERY!! (Just letting you know) I'll let ya know later when I start real packing, but that's in a few months.
 Now, we're working. After all, Elder Grace goes home 6 weeks after I do     
." We're old, but we know what were doing too, as well as open and humble to the Lord's will. great things will happen here," Pres. Baker told us that. 
We also have interviews this Wednesday. 

This is the Newsletter for the Mission. They are sending us PDFs so ya'll can get them too. :P

Hope yall have a wonderful week! 
Elder Meyerink

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