Monday, March 10, 2014

9 March 2014 Baptism from Members teaching!!

Hi All,
  This week went well. I think I told you that J. was out of town at his mom's place for the week. We couldn't get a contact of him though. But, he still gets the scripture of the day texts we send out everyday. Hopefully he is doing well and we can meet up with him this week.
 In other news, a part-member in the ward set his own baptismal date for April 12th. He has burned through at least 20 sets of missionaries through the years. Our ward mission leader and his assistant went and had a lesson with him last week. He feels he is ready to quit smoking and be baptized. Prayers would be well appreciated, his name is G. D.. 
Oh, by the way, I have never had a lesson, so that helps my testimony of member missionary work. So help those back home realize that it's not all that hard. 

  Zone Meeting was this last week, Zone conference (President is there) is this Tuesday. Zone Meeting was about The Spirit. The difference between the Light of Christ and the Personage and Gift of the Spirit. It was related how The personage of the Holy Ghost is a DJ on the radio station, the gift of the Holy Ghost is a pocket radio, and the presence of the Holy Ghost is the right channel. The Light of Christ is light Light (Which is is) Sunlight. It is in everything in one form or another chemically. Sometimes an investigator can feel the (Sunlight) of the light of Christ, but can only hear our radio channel temporarily. It was a great meeting. Ill tell ya how Zone Conference was next week. 

 Oh, dont split any of the elm tree yet!!! Thats my work-out plan for when I get home! Arthur told me it needs to be split, so I plan on doing that. 

  That quote speaks the secondary message of the Book of Mormon. Keeping Commandment brings blessings and shuns the wrath of God. I like it. 
Have a great week ya'll
Elder Meyerink

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