Tuesday, October 29, 2013

28 Oct 2013 Members do Finding 2 Pictures

We had interviews this week. Lots of edification from President Baker. He is an inspired man. Directed by the Lord to help those in this area of His Work. I also went on the greatest exchange of my life with Elder Jensen, one of the Zone Leaders in Goldsboro. I learned a lot about the Atonement that day.

 For those of you reading my blog, wondering why I don't speak of more mission-related things or progression of persons, is due to the fact that one cannot understand the degree of influence this mission has served for me and of the countless others it has affected. It is impossible for mortal tongue to describe what's happening. If you want to find out, let the Lord shape you and see what the Atonement can do for you.

Pray for The Work worldwide, not just for the Missionaries, but "To have the members and missionaries work together"-Pres. Hinckley

   E was a bit confused on the three degrees of glory, so he is going to do some study. B. R. hasn't come to church yet, but were planning on doing a church tour with a member this Saturday. Hopefully it all goes well. Were hoping to have a new investigator this week as well, a Vietnam vet who seemed interested when the Spanish elders knocked his door in a Latino trailer park.

That's it for this week

Love, -Elder Meyerink


Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct 2013 Slow but steady goes the work

  The Work is still working, slow as always but working. We are trying our very best to keep in contact, but the "Hails and might whirlwinds" are here. 1 Nephi 3:7. Teaching people not lessons is my firmest fundamental goal of my personal mission. I was on trade off so missed our Sacrament meeting. The other Elders said testimony meeting was filled with members bearing testimony on how they need to step up the Work of Salvation. None the less, this time now I am grateful I build my house upon the rock before the storm can hit.
  I love how you have taught us Agency and the Lord's time and will be done. You have always been a tremendous example of that. E.was busy this week, his father in the hospital and mother visiting. We have dinner on Thursday with them, so the Plan of Salvation will be this week.
 As of the way of technology goes, Jan 1 may be the date for Facebook, we don't know yet. No twitter though. However, this just in, a General Authority will be coming at the beginning of December, due to this being  a new mission. Might be a 70, or 12, we don't know yet,  will keep you posted.
  Your thoughts on Elder Uchtdorf quote got me as well. I loved that talk, as well as this weeks JS quote.
Oh, there is a mini Deseret book in Albertson by our district building! The Bishop's wife orders stuff from online and sells it there...lots of stuff, like AOF by Talmage. I didn't want to leave that place I love Church books so much, but we had lunch with a member so we had to leave!
  Have a good week, love ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Monday, October 7, 2013

7 Oct 2013 Loved Conference

  Haven't gotten in contact with the H.family. E is doing very well. We are going to go over the Plan of Salvation this week. No one we teach got to conference, B. R. bailed at the last minute. The Goldsboro Zone goes from here to VA. It is big enough to be split in half.
Ya, I know, its interesting having a companion that goes home with you. 6 transfers left. But, none the less, we keep working. I sent mom an email about a book I read this week that opened my eyes to member missionary work. Try it out for size, it's a very expounding read. Power of Every Day Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen available at Deseret Book.
  I can't wait for mission reunions in the coming years, it would be interesting. I noticed I took less notes from Conference this go round. Maybe it's because I know how to answer my own questions now, and don't need to find the Truth in The Church now that I have found it. Nonetheless, good talks, alot about member-missionary work. Elder Holland's was a surprise. loved Pres. Monson's, "The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree..." of course. Well, time is up here, Glad all is going well there. Talk to ya'll later.
Love, Elder Meyerink