Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct 2013 Slow but steady goes the work

  The Work is still working, slow as always but working. We are trying our very best to keep in contact, but the "Hails and might whirlwinds" are here. 1 Nephi 3:7. Teaching people not lessons is my firmest fundamental goal of my personal mission. I was on trade off so missed our Sacrament meeting. The other Elders said testimony meeting was filled with members bearing testimony on how they need to step up the Work of Salvation. None the less, this time now I am grateful I build my house upon the rock before the storm can hit.
  I love how you have taught us Agency and the Lord's time and will be done. You have always been a tremendous example of that. E.was busy this week, his father in the hospital and mother visiting. We have dinner on Thursday with them, so the Plan of Salvation will be this week.
 As of the way of technology goes, Jan 1 may be the date for Facebook, we don't know yet. No twitter though. However, this just in, a General Authority will be coming at the beginning of December, due to this being  a new mission. Might be a 70, or 12, we don't know yet,  will keep you posted.
  Your thoughts on Elder Uchtdorf quote got me as well. I loved that talk, as well as this weeks JS quote.
Oh, there is a mini Deseret book in Albertson by our district building! The Bishop's wife orders stuff from online and sells it there...lots of stuff, like AOF by Talmage. I didn't want to leave that place I love Church books so much, but we had lunch with a member so we had to leave!
  Have a good week, love ya'll
Elder Meyerink

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