Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 March 11 2 pics, Cape Hatteras Drive Water

  Yes, Cape Hatteras is a long drive. Water on both sides. She was a less-active due to disabilities and travel. She moved to Currituck NC.

 The ward building is in Nags Head, just down the main road from the apartment.  The ward is so focused on The Doctrine, it's awesome. As for people to teach, a handful  We did go to Roanoke, the north half of the island is called Manteo. Bishop lives out there and we had dinner our last night there. I am back in VA Beach. Transfer calls came last night. They are splitting this zone (VA Beach) and Chesapeake. Elder Richardson and I are staying in Sandbridge. Mom found a member of our ward on Facebook. He leaves for his mission this next week. He and his sister gave their farewells. They are both solid in the Doctrine. He said mom posted a picture of me and my call on Facebook and saw it was me. Never got to go to the Wright memorial though. The beach here is getting up and running as well. 

  Ya'll (family) should send me some pictures of the back yard if that tree is gone. I say it would have been funnier if you didn't tell me till I got home. Oh, it almost tried to snow down in Nags head. Key word try. They named a snow storm...east coast people are crazy. Ya, K. and T. friends from home , are both set. Having A. as their dad I'm sure has been a help to them growing up. His story about a mission is pretty sweet as well. 

  I have a sheet I'll show you of the Plan of Salvation an Elder drew up a few years back. It's got scriptures to explain everything that goes on. You do know that Elder McConkie's last talk is my favorite talk ever right?. I have a copy of it from Richmond. We showed it to an "Eternal Investigator" here. He seemed to stumble around the questions of feeling the Spirit while watching it. Apparently now, he is reading the Book of Mormon on his own, with intent it sounds. Without the help of his wife or our exertion or anything. We'll check up on him this week. The HQ referral is still out of town. We'll set up with him near the end of March. I get chills, Spirit, when I read or hear any words from that talk. He was know for not showing emotion, and he bawled his head off like Elder Iyring at the end. I love it. Oh I love that talk. I'm working on my study and obedience to have at least a tad-bit of the conviction he has. 

  Oh, and we went to Staples to get some pencils and a notebook for Elder Zajac. . We gave the guy a card. He seemed pretty cool.
 Well, hope ya'll are having a good time there where it's not sunny and warm outside. Have fun, stay true. 

Elder Meyerink

So Mom found a picture of the Chesapeake Virginia Bridge and wonders if this is the bridge he drove on.   Glad to know after it was all done if it is the same bridge!! The other picture is of a bridge from Sand Bridge State Park.  Either way it is over water.  Very Interesting!! 
   See Location on left for map of where they went!