Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013 Mt. Olive NC

  Ya, we figured Pres. Baker would shuffle the Mission. Mt. Olive is in the middle of nowhere...It rocks. Actually, we have a house, a small one right across the Highway from the Church. Our address is:
203 E Pine Forest Rd.
 Mt. Olive NC, 28365.
   Feel free to write or send goodies, pictures etc.,  like crazy, It's been a minute since I got anything from anyone. The District is us (Mt. Olive), Mt. Olive Spanish (whom we live with/District Leader) Mount Olive  sisters and Albertson  sisters. Not to mention the Proselyting Senior Couple in the ward, which makes 8 full-time in the ward...awesome. No idea on how many in the stake, but it's the Goldsboro Stake. Elder Richardson is from Farmville/Kaysville UT and has been here for 7 months, his first and only area.
    Lots of less-active work and teaching members. We have in investigator named B. R. that is coming along slow, but he'll get there. We  share the car with the Spanish speaking elders. Elder Richardson can't drive yet  so the District Leader and I switch off every once in a while. Oh, and tell A. there's Piggly Wigglys down here!!! Oh, and it rained for about 4 days straight last week
  P.a deacon? I feel old. Was Their house for Sale, the new family W.s, I don't remember? So much stuff going on here and back home it's hard to keep trackof everything. Ya, I always chuckle going through D&C reading R.C. stuff, knowing were related.
Thanks for the writins
 Elder Meyerink

In his cassette tape he mentions that the walls are so thin that  we just yell... hey Elders can we have the car on....time.... ok thanks.Then later comments that I gets to go apartment huntin again.... almost every area I get to do that.

Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013 3 pics,Going to NC

Well. I got transferred. I will be going to NC on Thursday. They are shotgunning (moving both missionaries from the area) the elders from the Sandbridge ward. Elder Moffet is going to Newport News with my Ethiopian companion. I am going to the Mount Olive Ward in the Goldsboro stake. It looks like about a 30 minute drive to Raleigh...weird. By the way...the address of the Church is 130 Mormon Church Road. Show that one to A.. I find it AWESOME!

      Mission conference. 1st bit. No more backpacks...just our ipad minis, which we'll get soon. 2nd bit. We can't go to the Raleigh temple. President's vision for the Mission is the Book of Mormon. He is going to stress that and the help of the Lord hand in modern technology. His  was the first hand to shoot up to volunteering the his  Mission during the new mission pres seminar for facebook and mini ipads in the field. So we may be getting facebook access sometime soon.
     There will be a transfer van to NC like how I got here. The transfer building/mission office/HQ is the Portsmouth building, 1115 Cherokee Rd Portsmouth Virginia, 23701.  And yes, commmunications with the district do well with the phones. I'll try to mention B. to the . family, but keep in mind there are thousands of students at BYU-I. And I think it was a member, not Sister P.

      On the 4th of July, we could dress in proselyting clothes, but try not to hold appointments due to people wanting family time. We just spent the day with the members and watched some fireworks in the back yard.
      Ha ha, i miss the desert heat. It still rains way to much here. Not to mention 104 heat index this week. Hurricane season is coming up too, tell mom not to freak out, it just means lots of rain. Plus, I'll be more inland.
Thanks for the news.
Elder Meyerink  
Mom here at home always wondered how they transferred with bikes and bags.  The answer is this:  The mission owns enclosed trailers into which the missionaries put bags, bike helmets etc. The bikes go in the back of the pick ups which pull the trailer, then the missionaries get into regular "people vans" .  These rigs then caravan to each area dropping off or picking up missionaries as the go.  Then at the nearest  chapel to the new area,the missionaries are met by their new companions.  THen they go to the new apartments. So here are some examples of missionaries from the RVM being transferred by pictures from Sister Perry's FB page!!  Pretty cool system I think!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 July 1- 3 pics-To finish in the NEW CVM!!

As of July 1st, I am in THE new mission. I will  finish my  mission in the brand new Chesapeake Virginia Mission. A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church building is being remodeled into the mission home.  Here is the address for the new mission home if you want to write me letters or send post cards.  Missionaries love mail !!  If you want to send packages, call or email mom for my current address. Packages need to be sent to the current apartment address.

Chesapeake Virginia Mission
1115 Cherokee Road
Portsmouth VA 23701  

Once again mom found pictures from FB Sister Perry thanks.  These are setting up new apartments all across the mission.  They have so many new missionaries coming into both RVM & CVM that mission it takes many more apartments to be opened!!