Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013 Mt. Olive NC

  Ya, we figured Pres. Baker would shuffle the Mission. Mt. Olive is in the middle of nowhere...It rocks. Actually, we have a house, a small one right across the Highway from the Church. Our address is:
203 E Pine Forest Rd.
 Mt. Olive NC, 28365.
   Feel free to write or send goodies, pictures etc.,  like crazy, It's been a minute since I got anything from anyone. The District is us (Mt. Olive), Mt. Olive Spanish (whom we live with/District Leader) Mount Olive  sisters and Albertson  sisters. Not to mention the Proselyting Senior Couple in the ward, which makes 8 full-time in the ward...awesome. No idea on how many in the stake, but it's the Goldsboro Stake. Elder Richardson is from Farmville/Kaysville UT and has been here for 7 months, his first and only area.
    Lots of less-active work and teaching members. We have in investigator named B. R. that is coming along slow, but he'll get there. We  share the car with the Spanish speaking elders. Elder Richardson can't drive yet  so the District Leader and I switch off every once in a while. Oh, and tell A. there's Piggly Wigglys down here!!! Oh, and it rained for about 4 days straight last week
  P.a deacon? I feel old. Was Their house for Sale, the new family W.s, I don't remember? So much stuff going on here and back home it's hard to keep trackof everything. Ya, I always chuckle going through D&C reading R.C. stuff, knowing were related.
Thanks for the writins
 Elder Meyerink

In his cassette tape he mentions that the walls are so thin that  we just yell... hey Elders can we have the car on....time.... ok thanks.Then later comments that I gets to go apartment huntin again.... almost every area I get to do that.

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