Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 May 27 Letter to Pres. Perry also included

   Thanks for the tips. Got my package with the book. As for the pictures; I would like pictures of the house, Millcreek Gardens (where he worked before his mission) and said co-workers (tell them hi again and only one more season left ). Glad to hear  N. baptism was awesome. Tell the W. family  hi while they are there and good luck with the move to NJ. I've always remembered the story of Aaron Garder, he seems like an amazing man. I wish I knew him more.

I will just include me letter to Pres. as a debriefing this week:  Followed by a note from me.


I figured it out! We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week, Elder Miller came down here. It's a long story, but I finally figured out, for myself-- of course, we're here to baptize! Not to mention running across Pres. Kimball's talk, "When the World will be converted." I knew it, but I didn't know it, if you know what I mean. While that confirmation was running through my head, I also realized subconsciously that I am ready for that stretch you were talking about. My natural man doesn't want to admit it, but I am. I'll do whatever the Lord wants me to do.This is different. My obedience to mission rules has exploded.

As for the District. All is well. The Elders have some people set for baptism, the Sisters have been getting referrals like crazy, and just had a baptism. As for us; Our recent converts (who was ordained an Elder on Sunday) son is reading the Book of Mormon now that we had a lesson with him about it and. Hope to see him soon and follow up. We also contacted a month old referral. She said to come back, but she wasn't home. She looks solid, but we'll try again.
  We had a cool finding experience in Wal Mart's parking lot today. Some guy needed a battery jump. Gave out a Restoration and P.O.S. pamphlet with our number. Praying he  will read and call us. So pretty much, this area and district are both growing and a lot better than I first found them. That part member said she likes Believing Christ, thanks for suggesting to let investigators read that. Were hoping she will read the Book of Mormon now.
Excited to bike, and get sisters to help the ward grow. Key indicators should double with more missionaries. It's gonna' be sweet!

 Elder Meyerink

Dad Mom
: Thanks for the love and guidance. I always knew I would someday figure out what you guys were teaching me was true. That day is now, on a mission. Thanks for the support and the opportunity.
 Love Ya'll.