Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Oct 8 Wonderful General Conference

Yes I have received the cards. Thank you.  I will be taking the tape recorder with me, I need to work on recording more. Yes, conference was amazing, however, being a missionary and watching conference like that? Words cannot express, literally how I feel about conference, Sorry :/ As for my "letters home", they are a combination of my emails and the tapes. P days are too busy to write  much, P days are full. Just print and date my emails. Writing, with a pen, just takes to long. As for recipients, if someone asks how its going, just let them know. They can read my emails if they wish. The only personal one will be marked personal to close family. Not to mention investigators go to fast to e-amil once a week on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Oct 2 6 pics. April quite smoking

      My companion, Elder Durrant and I are doing great. We're here for another transfer at least. The contacts are really fluffy here, a lot of people just like to hear about Jesus. We did find a young Chinese college student attending VCU who is definitely interested in the Gospel. His name is B.  He wants to be religious, growing up in China, he knew there was a God because of the way people ignored Him there. He's busy, and had to cancel our first appointment today, but well get to see him sometime.
     Other investigators are doing great. April has been smoke free for a month. (Yes, she just put them down and quit when she ran out..) she has been smoking since she was 6, she over 50 now. She took in a man named P. into her apartment. The both are ready for baptism, they have solid testimonies, were not worried about them. He just needs government approved housing for his disabilities, and no one in the branch would take him in. We're hoping someone from the new ward will. They are great. H. has a baptism date: Nov 3rd. We set him on the second lesson. The Plan of Salvation made sense and was "true." He has a bring it on attitude to the Gospel. VERY busy though. Our last three appointments fell through because he was in Nigeria, then North side Richmond, then Maine. He's hard to get a time set up with.
     And the ward getting redone, our branch got absorbed into a ward. The entire stake took 5 wards and our branch and made four wards. We now share a ward with another set of missionaries, our district leader. Our area is predicted to almost triple, so were getting a car to get to the other side and to church. We'll just take our bikes on the rack, drive to the other side, and bike and work.

  Other than that, not much is going on. I am recording tapes to send home in which the more of mission stories are on. You can listen to them for FHE.  Please keep them recorded and in a box so I can type them when I get home. We don't have much time to write since p-day is busy anyways.  

 -Thanks for everything. Talk to you later. Love, Elder Meyerink the 3rd

They also had a mission conference so he sent this picture .  I found some pictures of the food served at such conferences too on Sister Perry's FB: