Monday, July 21, 2014

21 July 2014 Wish I could do it again,

Well, last week I actually got to do stuff. Today consisted of getting up at 430am, topping off packing, Desmond picked us both up and we went to the stake center to play basketball at 6 with the other elders in the zone. Elder Coltrin went with the Yorktown elders, his last apartment/area and Desmond drove me to Mt. Pleasant to be with another Elder who is going home so his member ride can take both of us to the mission home. From there, I have no idea what's going to happen besides exit interviews and a testimony meeting.

  Bobs baptism was awesome. about half the ward was there. Pres. Baker wasn't able to attend though. Our lesson on Thursday with Temperance went Very well! She has already started reading, asked for homework and said she had cold shills run down her back when we taught the pre-mortal existence. She wasn't able to come to Church though, she was working. We even had a stellar recent convert of 3-4 years with us. He was a big help.

  Thanks for all the support ya'll have given me. ...I'll see you tomorrow < ------That's a weird sentence...

Wish I could do it again,

The last time...

Elder Meyerink '12-'14 VRM/VCM

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 July 2014 Hurricane Arthur!!

  By the way, hurricane Arthur was not bad at all. We didn't get evacuated. In face we got like 4 inches of rain in the middle of the night and a HUGE thurderbolt that woke me up at like 2am. Okay, thunder out here just sucks, they have lightning, but nothing like Utah, thunder doesn't roll out here like there. But, this one, rattled the windows for like 12-15 seconds. It was loud. Straight up loud. Not to mention the flash woke me up, my guess, straight on top of us. And, Elder Coltrin didn't notice when I told him in the morning.
  Yes, the sisters went over to Pres. Hamiltons when we left at 4:30. They were at their front door watching as we sang. Mostly we just hung out. Played a bit of basketball, including a dunk-contest which was so fun. Then a water-balloon dodge ball fight. Note- I was the fist one out because one of the Elders on our team decided that he was going to sacrifice himself and run toward the enemies so they would waste all balloons on him so I joined him and got pelted square in the chest in less than 1 second by an elder who is like 6' 7"...needless to say, that man has an arm and water can be very hard. it was fun though. We had pizza and just sat and chatted about past areas. At their house, we were just there about 1-4pm.
We then drove Newport news 2nd B Elders bask to their apartment, their on bike, and drove all the way to a members house which in the first place is 20 miles inland from our apartment. Courthouse, to Williamsburg for zone meeting, to newport news for Pres. Hamiltons for fun, to newport news ghetto, to members house, to home was all wonderful total of 140 miles and over 2 1/2 hours of driving. :/ That took a dent in our miles for the month. but, today, a member is picking us up to fish at a less actives house down south and then drive us to dinner so we won't use any miles today, except to get here to email. It's great :)
  Gloucester is doing great still. Elder Coltrin led me to someone's house that he and Elder Beeton found tracting on exchanges. We were there for a while teaching the restoration on the front porch with the man's wife, he wasn't home, and it went very well. She grabbed a notebook and wrote down practically everything we taught, including scriptures she looked up and read and agreed with. Her husband got home at the end as we testified of the Book of Mormon and invited them to pray and act. We did not get a return appointment due to their scheduling, but the are sincere and will call us this week, or well swing by later. She is so prepared, and even had a soft baptismal commitment. Their names are Olivia and Anthony and prayers on their behalf would be very much appreciated.
The Other miracle I found out in Zone Meeting as i was sharing the story of last week the chinese people with Elder Adsit. After I told it to the zone, he then leaned over and told me that they found them the next day and gave them the Chinese Book of Mormon. I was so excited! The whole Zone chuckled as i did a fist pump and gave Elder Adsit a high five as i was next to him conducting. Miracles have not ceased. It's as simple as that. Even to that, Bob is still ready and waiting for and okay from doctors to be baptized. We finished laws and ordinances last night. We had a good time after his lesson last night as he took us out in his yard and we played around with his long bow. it was fun. Don't worry, the Handbook says nothing about bows, just guns :) Oh, at the moment, his date moved to the 19th caue he hasn't heard form his doctors yet.
Hope all goes well for yall. Have a great week.
Love, Elder Meyerink