Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Dec 30 Members most important part of the Work!!

  Mission conference. We drove to our building (Kinston stake center) we watched "Muppet Christmas Carol" Had lunch, then went to the chapel to have hymns and musical numbers for Christmas. It was a lot less confer-ency than the one with Pres. Perry.
  What is the families name that's being taught? Where do they live? Is our family/ward fellow shipping them? This is huge! there's not that many nonmembers in our boundaries! We can't mess this up, members are more important in missionary work then missionaries!
   As for the work here, it's getting a tad faster. This Sunday was great. We both had the prompting to talk to Bishop after Sacrament meeting, so we did. He asked where we're planning to attend 3rd hour. We said we weren't sure. Found out he was teaching, asked if we could do a work of Salvation fireside sometime. He invited us to his office and long story short, he had us teach 3rd hour after deciding that's what the Lord wanted the combined members to hear. It was definitely what we all needed here. One more event in recent past that proves the Mater is the master behind this work.

 I love this. So far, were only teaching one couple from the referrals, but that is going to change soon! We are expecting miracles. We're counseling about a ward mission plan. The number 22 convert baptisms this year was brought up. Some members said too high, some said it could work. We'll get it all sorted out. I just can't wait to have Ipads to help the work move faster with coordinations between us and them.
Love ya'll, have a great week!
Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

23 Dec 2013 Happy Christmas Ya'll!!!

  Happy Christmas Ya'll!!!  Ya, it was 71 F here yesterday...not December. It's kind of is throwing my body off, but I"m use to it this season.

  This is my email to Pres. Baker,
 "This was a Great week. New Bern was very expounding. It was  interesting to observe conference calls. It helped me understand who really is in charge of this Work. We asked a member while following up with his stake referrals if he knew anyone else. Someone came to his mind! Awesome. I Love Revelation! We are teaching a wonderful young couple who is a returning-less actives stake referral in their home. Greatest thing ever. Hope to have a very amazing week, with Conference and Christmas."
  So that's the repost on the Work. How are Sarah and Josh? Tell her to see if they can find a Miller family in Yucipa CA. Elder Aaron Miller was my zone leader, he finished this summer. Ya, the areas pretty easy. Maps are nice, my GPS died and the one in the apartment is acting like a turtle that can find the top side of its shell. We biked a bit yesterday,  its warm by the way. We're going fishing today with that investigator :)
Oh, Elder Aitken is from Cedar City. He came from the Woodington ward, right south of us. And actually, New Bern is struggling. Kinston 1st is the fasting growing ward in the stake. the only reason their the zone leaders is because that area is central for the stake boundaries, for exchanges, but the zone split to two. Our zone leaders are in Greenville, Pres. Baker told me to go to New Bern though, his companion went to VA to be Assistant. It was a great exchange, I was a 4 day zone-leader! Got to listen in on a few conference calls with Mission/Stake President.
  We're going to do Christmas morning at a members house. I'll call the house around 10 there 12 here.
Love Ya'll Happy Christmas. Make sure Art is home so I can talk to him!!! By the way, I can't call Sarah, First Presidency said so, I asked Pres. Baker. But I'll see yall later.
  Remember who had the Birthday, and who gave the Gift.
Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

16 Dec 2013 Serving as Temporary ZL!


  Ya, I was hoping the Wedding would go well.  I figured you would be busy being the Bride's parents and all. Good to know the ward members are thinking of us.
  Elder Tenney's flight leaves today from Norfolk, VA to Atlanta, to Sau Paulo BZ to Forta Lesa BZ. He'll get to His mission about 4pm tomorrow. My New companion Elder Aitken is serving in Woodington, right south of us. He's been out about 4 months I think. I am in New Bern with the Kinston East Zone Leader because his companion is now the assistant in Portsmouth. It is fun here, the area itself reminds me of Outer Banks/Virgina Beach. So technically I am a temporary Zone Leader for four days. 
   The work in Kinston is going very well. We received/contacted/taught a couple that was a referral from a member at conference. They are both on board, yesterday was his 2nd and her 1st church attendance here. They like it. I was on exchanges when my District leader (Elder Foutz from Mapleton)and Elder Tenney taught them. They both accepted the big 3 invitations, Read, Pray, and Church as well as the Book of Mormon. They both want to change their life around. Turns out he has already investigated the Church before, had a Baptismal date, but stuff came up. So it will go well this time. We saw K., assigned her Alma 7 and she read it. We had our follow up visit with her, and told her the others in the house were invited. F.and D., her daughter and Fiance were happy to find out about the restoration. We testified of the Power of the Book of Mormon. D. asked, "How do you know this book is true?" It was awesome. He said they would come to Church, they didn't, but that's not going to stop us! Oh, all 5 of said people accepted a soft Baptismal date. The work here is amazing. Я рад, оставаясь Кинстон!! (I'm glad I'm remaining Kinston!!)
  Glad to know everything is going great back home.  We pray for strength and for the work here, it works.
Love, ya, talk to ya'll later.
Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Dec 2013 New comp on 16th

  I just found out that Joshua is Elder Pancheris' cousin. He served in Sandbridge with me in June. So on that note. His parents are apparently going down for the wedding.
  Weather here is rain and never stopping. Oh, and it snowed 6 inches in St. George, Elder Tenneys' mom sent pics. 

  As for the Work, its going well.
  Ya, it's a bit differn't between here and there. For Conference, they came to NC. Goldsboro and Kinston met in Goldsboro. I'll send you my notes or something. Pres. Baker related Mission rules to a plumbob, if you know what it is. Old school level for vertical structures. "Don't be a half-bob off plumb." - Pres. Baker Its going well. That's neat that Bro. Nelson is Patriarch now. Elder Doxey sounds like a great teacher. By the way, I had the oppurtunity to have an interview with Elder Perkins, just to find out what the mission was like, what should improve, what to talk about. He had some great messages.
  Elder Tenney leaves for Brazil on the 16th. So I'll be getting a new companion, but won't find out who 'till transfer calls this Sunday. Other than that, all is wells.
  We have a Christmas tree, its great. No snow though. :( Have fun at the wedding, say Hi to the Pancheri family for me.
  Love Ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Mom says of course I know what a plumb bob is. Should be one or two in our tool box somewhere!! My father was a carpenter by second nature, uncles also. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2 December 2013 New kind of work!!

  It's a bit cold here, barely. Not much new of food wise. Chicken pastry was good. It's just flat dough in a chicken-broth soup deal. It's good. We had dinner with the Bishop's family at the Church. He's pretty young, mid 30s. He served in Salt Lake. He was in the Olympus stake I believe. 

  Your thinking the standard referral...This is a new breed of missionary work. We have seen a handful of the referrals. We Pray with, check up on, and invite the members to talk to, invite, and contact their referrals. We teach them basically how to talk about the church. One day, they'll start inviting them for dinner sometime. We still have 58 of the referrals. Ya, this ain't normal missionary work, this is The Work of Salvation. 

  Elder Tenney will be leaving at transfers. Our WML was sick this week.Im gonna pick up a card  By the way, Elder Perkins of the First Quorum of the Seventy will be at mission conference Monday, so that's who's coming. Ill have a report on Tuesday, since our Preparation day is getting moved to tuesday for that week.

 I know you love teaching, of which I have picked up the trait,

  Funny, the quote is a basic restating of Paul's Romans 10:17. revelation is the rock of the Church. 

Love ya'll, Elder Meyerink

Monday, November 25, 2013

25 Nov 2013 General updates.

  We've got return appointment for all of the members who gave us names. We have already contacted 2 of the names, the day after we got them. Everything is great here. We are on the western side of the city of Kinston, about 95% country. It actually borders my last area and ward,the Mt. Olive ward. There is occupation variety here, different people do different things all over here. There are the Spanish that cover K 1&2 as well as the sisters. the K2 elders and us. We share a Chevy Cruze every other week and switch off on p-day. 
  Yes, the rest of stake conference was broadcast it to the individual  buildings. The Ward Mission Leader sets up exchanges for all of our appointments for the week we don't have the car. Actually, my bike is still in Mt. Olive, they'll get it to me at mission conference. We are going to the church on Thanksgiving to have dinner with Bishop Oliver's family and two of his referrals. It'll be right great. 

  In further news. Elder Tenney just got an email from his mom. His Visa has been accepted and should be here soon. Theoretically, he'll be here the rest of the (5 week) transfer. So, I need to continue to learn the area. Good to hear about Elder Chris getting to his mission.

  Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, November 18, 2013

18 Nov 2013 -- 1,013 referrals From our stake.

My New Address  is :
Elder Meyerink
3315 Alton Phillips Rd.
 Kinston NC, 28504

Elder Tenney is going to Brazil, Forta Lesa. He is a great Elder. We're on the country side of Kinston, the "better" ward, as quoted by members. The ward rocks. The first ward that cares about what we do. But what made it the epic stake conference...  

  The Stake Presidency received a letter along the lines: It is suggested that Saturday night adult session will be focused on the Work of Salvation. The stake president had us wear red tie/skirts for sisters. Then before the meeting Pres. Baker and Pres. Walker (Stake President) knelt in prayer with the missionaries and Pres. Baker, using the keys that he and Pres. Walker had, "petition thee to let us call down the powers of heaven to bring the Spirit of Revelation to reach the goal which thou hast set for 1,000 stake referrals." We were humbled by that prayer. FYI the High Council made it a goal to teach the members about Revelation, the Restoration and promise that names and faces would be given them, and to write them on the provided program and give them to the missionaries at the end of the session. Pres. Walker was emailing the final goal of 500 referrals received when he heard a voice say . "Scott, that's not my goal, it's yours. Mine is 1,000" So the goal was made.
 We, both the east and west zones, marched from the foyers, up the aisles, and stood in front of the pulpit while singing, "Called to Serve Him." Pres. and Sister Baker then addressed how we are a wonderful group of 42 missionaries in this stake and here to help the members. We were seated on the stand. talks were given in which, The Spirit including expounding, revelation, and vision did not leave! We sang, as missionaries for the intermission hymn, "Bring the world His truth." Wet eyes, and cameras recording us, filled the congregation. The Spirit was so undeniable, it was amazing. 
There was a part I like. A speaker related D&C 4 and edited it to the setting. He said, "Brothers and Sisters, I think the Lord is telling us to put down our sickles, and fire up the combine." FYI, one combine can harvest enough wheat to make 71,000 loaves of bread in one hour. The Work is coming out of darkness and obscurity. 604 referrals were counted that night. Sunday, they hit on the Revelation again, but the missionaries were in their respective areas.
 In all, last night we got a text from the Zone Leaders, and an email from Pres. Baker informing us in total, 1,013 referrals were received in total. 


Much love, Elder Meyerink
Mom Says to Family and friends:
 Since there are 200 + missionaries in this mission--
Please  send your Christmas letters, cards or  packages, to the  address  above---
That will save the Mission office staff the work of forwarding so much mail out to the missionaries.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 Nov 2013 Transferred New address

  Sorry its tuesday, libraries were closed yesterday for Vetran's day. I am being transferred on Thursday to the Kinston 1st ward. My companion is a visa waiter who just got done training. It should be fun. I am leaving the four-man apartment! Oh well, new roads ahead.
  Dinner went well, he's going to read Alma 34 and pray about it. We might go ever tomorrow before I leave too. E will figure it all out one day, I don't doubt. He's got the Eternal Family drive and very close ties in the ward to members. Not much to say this week. Bishop got us a list of people to see. But, I won't be here to see what goes on. Just hope Kinston will be as great an area as here. I'll get ya'lls my new address too.
Elder Meyerink

 Here's his new address.

Elder Meyerink
3315 Alton Phillips Rd.
 Kinston NC, 28504

Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally link to his-- The VA Chesapeake Mission page!!

4 Nov 2013 Nippy in NC with pics

  Its a bit nippy here. Not to bad.  Our Mission Conference is in the beginning of December. Keep in mind, there's also Charlotte, and Raleigh Missions as well as others that cover NC, like ours.

   That exchange was amazing. His basic story; He is a Miracle. He was the "problem child" totally less-active till he was about 20. I first noticed something different when I saw his ears, pierce marks. I knew from that and the way he acted, happy, friendly, excited to be here, etc...something was there before. I saw a change, I may have only known him for 3 months, but the way both him and I testified of the Atonement and how it affected us and our families He shared the joy of coming to love the Savior after hitting rock bottom again and again. I backed him up with near similar personal experiences as well as the Christ like brother that came home from a mission such a change in his life! Who is still the greatest example outside of the Savior for my life. During that exchange, I saw the Atonement. I saw it in action. I saw it change what someone lacked. I saw The Living Water, Daily bread and Light and Life of the World. I saw a rested soul that had come to the Savior and gave rest to the heavily laden. I think that will be the story I share at my homecoming. Of course, more in depth. Moroni 10: 32-33 I have decided is my absolute favorite scripture in the Cannon.

   E. confusion of the 3 degrees has moved to a questioning of the Restoration, if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He knows that, he said he's at the peak of figuring it out. We talked at the trunk-or-treat and decided a copy of "Our search for happiness" would be good for him. As well as the list of "Learn about Christ" scriptures form PMG pg 47. We have dinner with them this Thursday, and might stop by tonight and get them to him today so he can study for Thursday. I don't doubt he'll eventually be baptized. I love that man. He's a great father. Haven't seen B. a while, something always comes up. Still hasn't gotten into the church, didn't come to trunk or treat, but we think we didn't get him enough advanced notice.

 No new investigators. Still getting the members to figure out that they are the solution-( in the new members do the finding we do the teaching program!!) Did well with a mission centered testimony meeting. I went up after Bishop and the rest of  (8+ 1 future missionary)  us went up including the senior couple in the ward. It was what we were looking for.

 The training went well, I think the zone got the idea. We'll see. Haven't seen the M. in quite a while. Only one member plus Bishop is actually willing to help us with him, it's just time that we need.

 Oh, and I would love to read that book if you could find me a copy. I'm excited for the others as well. I know mom wants a Christmas wish list. Anything you feel would help literature wise would be very much appreciated. Keep in mind it's my last mission Christmas by the way, can you help make it last? thanks :P I'll be home for the next one.

 Hope ya all do right good this week,
love ya, Elder Meyerink
Picture 1 is from Virginia Beach VA area
Picture 2 is from Mt. Olive NC area

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

28 Oct 2013 Members do Finding 2 Pictures

We had interviews this week. Lots of edification from President Baker. He is an inspired man. Directed by the Lord to help those in this area of His Work. I also went on the greatest exchange of my life with Elder Jensen, one of the Zone Leaders in Goldsboro. I learned a lot about the Atonement that day.

 For those of you reading my blog, wondering why I don't speak of more mission-related things or progression of persons, is due to the fact that one cannot understand the degree of influence this mission has served for me and of the countless others it has affected. It is impossible for mortal tongue to describe what's happening. If you want to find out, let the Lord shape you and see what the Atonement can do for you.

Pray for The Work worldwide, not just for the Missionaries, but "To have the members and missionaries work together"-Pres. Hinckley

   E was a bit confused on the three degrees of glory, so he is going to do some study. B. R. hasn't come to church yet, but were planning on doing a church tour with a member this Saturday. Hopefully it all goes well. Were hoping to have a new investigator this week as well, a Vietnam vet who seemed interested when the Spanish elders knocked his door in a Latino trailer park.

That's it for this week

Love, -Elder Meyerink


Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct 2013 Slow but steady goes the work

  The Work is still working, slow as always but working. We are trying our very best to keep in contact, but the "Hails and might whirlwinds" are here. 1 Nephi 3:7. Teaching people not lessons is my firmest fundamental goal of my personal mission. I was on trade off so missed our Sacrament meeting. The other Elders said testimony meeting was filled with members bearing testimony on how they need to step up the Work of Salvation. None the less, this time now I am grateful I build my house upon the rock before the storm can hit.
  I love how you have taught us Agency and the Lord's time and will be done. You have always been a tremendous example of that. E.was busy this week, his father in the hospital and mother visiting. We have dinner on Thursday with them, so the Plan of Salvation will be this week.
 As of the way of technology goes, Jan 1 may be the date for Facebook, we don't know yet. No twitter though. However, this just in, a General Authority will be coming at the beginning of December, due to this being  a new mission. Might be a 70, or 12, we don't know yet,  will keep you posted.
  Your thoughts on Elder Uchtdorf quote got me as well. I loved that talk, as well as this weeks JS quote.
Oh, there is a mini Deseret book in Albertson by our district building! The Bishop's wife orders stuff from online and sells it there...lots of stuff, like AOF by Talmage. I didn't want to leave that place I love Church books so much, but we had lunch with a member so we had to leave!
  Have a good week, love ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Monday, October 7, 2013

7 Oct 2013 Loved Conference

  Haven't gotten in contact with the E is doing very well. We are going to go over the Plan of Salvation this week. No one we teach got to conference, B. R. bailed at the last minute. The Goldsboro Zone goes from here to VA. It is big enough to be split in half.
Ya, I know, its interesting having a companion that goes home with you. 6 transfers left. But, none the less, we keep working. I sent mom an email about a book I read this week that opened my eyes to member missionary work. Try it out for size, it's a very expounding read. Power of Every Day Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen available at Deseret Book.
  I can't wait for mission reunions in the coming years, it would be interesting. I noticed I took less notes from Conference this go round. Maybe it's because I know how to answer my own questions now, and don't need to find the Truth in The Church now that I have found it. Nonetheless, good talks, alot about member-missionary work. Elder Holland's was a surprise. loved Pres. Monson's, "The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree..." of course. Well, time is up here, Glad all is going well there. Talk to ya'll later.
Love, Elder Meyerink

Monday, September 30, 2013

30 Sept 2013 Staying put

E. came to Church!!! Finally. He is Brother T. by the way. We are going over to watch a movie with them tonight. Don't worry, it's The Prophet of the Restoration. He only went to sacrament though, thus improvement. We have a return appointment with the M family on Oct 9th. At the moment, the chances of him "Changing Churches" is very slim according to him and the members that know him very well. But, apparently, if we can get to her, that would get him. Yes, B. R. is a single father.  To give you an Idea, he has  eight great grandbabies. Anyways, A. and C. were busy this week so were going to text them and get a RA appointment hopefully this week if not next. Not to mention there is a couple coming back to activity, but they go and come every year apparently. Another family came which hasn't been in at least 8+ months. He got work off yesterday, he works at the pickle plant, and they got to Church. 
   Transfer calls were Sunday night. Both Elder Kimball and I are staying here. One of the Spanish Elders we live with is going to the north half of the Zone, and swapping for the Elder there. Apparently, the "Goldsboro curse" allows eighty percent of missionaries to have two areas in the zone back to back. Challenge accepted.  
  I have read that article, we get the Ensign every Zone meeting, and loved it!! Grace + Works has always been a big topic of mine to understand, study, and teach. I think I got it from Believing Christ. Ironically, everything you noticed is what I got from it as well. My companion read it too, he plays Piano very well, and loved it as well. Teaching E. about the 3 degrees of glory, we heavily mentioned the amount of the "Testimony of Jesus" in D&C. He said it made a bit more sense to see it that way. We did a cool little thing with three different flashlights for the 7year old as well, all different in their brightness.
    General Conference is gonna be awesome!! We can't wait. Due to the vast distance between wards, they have been broadcasting it at the ward buildings, not just the Stake centers. As for the moment, I have become a lot happier in life now that I know what's going on for myself. I am a lot less quiet, more fun loving, yet more serious when the time arises. It's a weird feeling to know I am no longer a teenager. That and Elder Kimball and I keep mentioning how old we are in the Mission time has flown! The last six months are around the corner, and I am going to try to put on my best game, prayers for such are appreciated. :)


Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sept 2013 We like our new house

  A. wrote me a letter a few months ago and said he was called to be a ward missionary. I think it's cool we are both involved in the same work together. Did the guy that just got baptized just move in or who was it?  The mission and the county wanted to move us do to the fact that we were biking on the highway. Not to mention the house was a total wreck. Ya, your not the only one that noticed the fact that I move in every city. Ha, hopefully I stay in the next one too. Either that or the Lord puts me in the situations cause I know what to do i.e. spackle the walls, re-caulk the tub lining, fix the toilet flow valve and other things missionaries tent to not care about because they are to busy preaching the Gospel. "Make my House an house of order...a house of cleanliness" The new one is good. By the way, transfer calls are coming up this Sunday night.
  Ha ha, the M.. Not by chance. He and his wife were a member referral that are very well acquainted with them. They are very active in their church. She loves the prophecies of Isaiah and he loves the Four Gospels. Ironically, they are both in the Book of Mormon (well the 5th Gospel anyway.)
     Zone conference was great. President Baker is a convert as well as Pres. Perry. From the word of Pres. Baker, "I was baptized, served as a Sake President, then as a Bishop, and now I'm serving my Mission. It seems backwards." We all got a laugh from that. They introduced a new booklet that help deal with Missionary stress. Apparently they are giving that out at the MTC instead of the Health Guide.
  No, B. R. is S.'s  Father. A. and C. are the ones that aren't married. We had a great lesson with the T. though about 3 degrees of Glory and how to get there.
  So we have a riding mower now huh? Is it still gonna be in running condition when I get home so I can use it? Those are common here. grass grows like crazy...Oh, how was The Game? I heard it was this last Saturday. Glad to know all is going well. Thanks for sending the books.

Have a great week.


Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 Sept. 16 We moved new address

  Sorry that I wrote such a short note last week, the library was having problems, but I have a card now. Good to hear Sacrament meeting there was good. Just so ya'll know, SLC missions are the highest baptizing Missions in the world :) It is good to hear about mom's new calling.  We never know what The Lord has in store for us. And yes, I've gotten the Blog address, I approved it. Thanks for the books, I'm about a third of the way through "Faith Preceeds the Miracle."  
  By the way, we finally moved. Any mail you send needs to be sent to
 805 Holloman St. 
Mt. Olive NC, 28365
But as for how The Work goes, here's the report. B.R. and S.are reading their illustrated Book of Mormon. We have a lesson with the tonight to talk about the restoration. We contacted a new couple, they seem more interested than before they met us. E. is reading the copy of Principles of the Gospel book we gave him, along with the rest of the military standard works (Small red set given to people serving in the military .) We dropped by J.home and gave him some Plan of Salvation Pamphlets to read over to discuss  when we see him this week. So far, this area is now better than I found it, hopefully it keeps going that way. It felt a bit slow with the move this week, but all is well. We have Zone Conference this Friday, just the Goldsboro Zone and Pres. Baker.
Got to go, sorry it's short, not much goin' on here. Fixin'  to get better though!
Love Ya'll
Elder Meyerink 

Monday, September 9, 2013

9 Sept 2013 4 pics, Busy teaching, Tilling Lord's ground

 9 Sept 2013
       This week was a bit less busy. But we have some part member families we're going to be working with soon. If you could keep them in your prayers. They are: The H., H., T., and the of course still, B. R. & S.. By the way, B. R. volunteered for a closing prayer this week. It was amazing. We gave them an animated copy of the book of Mormon as well. They seem to enjoy it. We're going to get them an audio copy as well. Yes, teaching is hard here. But it's worth it.  

  As for "My Mission" means my personal ministry. And yes, we're getting the ball rolling here. I had the thought this week that I am a "Tiller" in the Lord's vineyard. The thought came when I called the Sandbridge VA Beach Elders and they thanked me and my companions for our "Groundwork there" I get to areas that are a bit rough, loosen up the soil help get HT going, work well with Bishop, and find a bunch of great potential investigators all in time to be transferred. Oh well, If that's what The Lord wants me to do, I'll try to focus on that. After all, there are differences all for the "edification of the Body of Christ" as Paul, ..apparently he was short), reminds us to be different, it's okay in fact it's needed.
 Books. Yes, I got it, I'm on Chapter three and I love it! I was at a members house and flipped through Be your best self and liked it, goes in with the "Body of Christ" theme, In which I've been trying to figure out who I am and who He wants me to be as of late.  

  Got to do some other computer stuff.
Love ya
Elder Meyerink  .

Attached is the very 1st Chesapeake Virginia Mission picture. 2013 July.   History has been made!! Where in the Picture is Carmen San..... I mean Elder M?  hint front to left of flag pole.  It helps to double click and enlarge the picture!!

 Elder Meyerink & Elder Kimball met with "sister" friend and her husband for lunch at highway 55, Mt. Olive, NC.   Friend lived in SLC, UT now lives in NC! what a small world.

Monday, August 26, 2013

26 Aug 2012 Teachin' is Pickin' up

 Hi  Ya all,
  The way I figures, I can have around 17-18 companions by the time I'm done with my mission. And yes, lots to learn from them. Elder Kimball is from Denton Texas, just north of Dallas. Tell A., see if he knows where it is. Ya, we'll both be at the airport when we fly home together ( Since they have both been out 1 year they will  probably leave it at the same time). He came from the top of the zone, Rocky Mount War Area, he got a member ride to the stake center in Greenville, and then our WML took us back to our apartment.

  "Pickin up" means were teaching more people/working harder. We had four lessons yesterday. :) That's a record for my mission. (Europe and The South have been dubbed the two hardest areas of The Work) Nonetheless, it rolls forth as David  told. Rural? Very...we drive past corn, cotton, tabacco (pronounced 'Backah here), soybean, and many other multitudes of crops all the time. The snakes come from service at Sister B's farm. We do live in "Norcalinea" it's just a part of life here. There is a Less active member that has 40 pet snakes...all caged though.

   Ya, as to learning from the mission, Pres. Baker told me to well... "Learn from it, it will bless your life tremendously." No doubt well keep teaching B. R., after all, "The whole need no physician, but they that are sick" We had an amazing lesson with him and S. We watched the restoration after a bit of explanation. He loved it, so we left him with the dvd and will talk about it this week. I like the analogy of "Spiritual High School" (ref from Dad's letter to A) Not to mention it seems like the whole world while your here, and when it's over, you completed it just like everybody else did, but what you got from it was different.

    Didn't know that about Aunt P.'s conversion story, I mentioned  to the other elders as we left today that you were a "Golden Contact" so I thought it interesting you mentioned that time frame. And yes, it is awesome teaching someone with my name. By the way, thanks for the epic name. :) We also gave a blessing to a part-member family wife, yesterday before she started teaching school today. The husband (nonmember) insisted his daughter get one too, so she got her first blessing. He will no doubt join The Church some day. He is really searching for it. Could you keep him in your Prayers? E. T. and family. He liked the Sister missionaries discussion with him about Eternal Families and Temples. He's definitely progressing. They are technically teaching him though. I'm just glad he's growing. He and I are kinda the same.

Thanks for the Email.
Take care, Elder Meyerink

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 August 19 Transfer, teaching and snakes!!

 Aug 19, 2013


Transfer calls came. Elder Richardson is going to Gloucester VA, finally leaving Mt. Olive after  7 1/2 months since day one on his mission. Elder Kimball from the Raleigh side is coming here. He's been out about a year. Should be a good transfer. Things are pickin' up. Good to know what's going on back home, in the ward etc., Got the boots and the book,  two weeks ago. 
      Oh, we encountered two snakes this week. One 6 ft. black rat snake (non-venomous) and a 4 ft. Copperhead (venomous)  which I killed with a Bush axe.  I'll send picks :P So, thanks for the boots again. As for luggin' stuff around, I'm sending a box of stuff home soon. I should be good for a bit longer.
       As for people were teaching. It's mainly me. I'm feeling now more than ever that this Mission will be the highlight of my life and I will be learning so much from it to use later. I have learned more single points of tips for later on in life than people I have contacted. Not to mention the blessing of counsel a few weeks ago from Elder Bowes, district leader who finishes his mission tomorrow. He said "The reason you are here now and doing the things you are, will be revealed unto you at a later date."
      But, B. R. told us yesterday something he did when he was it might be a while before he can be near baptism. Aaron, a new investigator, is the boyfriend of a less-active lady. We had a good chat with them this week and shared a scripture about prayer and a Mormon Message from Pres. Hinckley about the two boys that put dollar coins in the farmers boots. It's called "Lessons I learned as a boy" Just for info. He liked it, and was glad we came and said, "Definitely" when he said, "We'll see ya later." We talked and figured this would reactivate her as well. We're gonna' text her to see if she thinks he's ready for the Missionary Lessons. So that's The Work here.
     Oh, and the P. from Sandbridge,  were baptized on the 14th and confirmed on Sunday!!! They're members now! The only Legitimate family with both parents and kids I have ever taught are members!! I'll send a pic when I get one.
      My story of the week comes from "Joseph Smith the Prophet." Brother Joseph leaned over to a brother in a meeting and said, "I'd take you if you were a bit bigger" (Meaning wrestling) He replied, "I recon' you can take me the way I am" So they started that instant and Joseph ended up breaking his leg, carried him home and gave him a blessing. His leg healed remarkably fast. This was in a leadership meeting I think. It's in the first few chapters somewhere.

  Thanks for the email. I bought some tapes today so Ill start recording soon.
Elder Meyerink

(He has sent 2 tapes home with more details of his mission.... some will be included here later or at earlier dates!!)

Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013 Mt. Olive NC

  Ya, we figured Pres. Baker would shuffle the Mission. Mt. Olive is in the middle of nowhere...It rocks. Actually, we have a house, a small one right across the Highway from the Church. Our address is:
203 E Pine Forest Rd.
 Mt. Olive NC, 28365.
   Feel free to write or send goodies, pictures etc.,  like crazy, It's been a minute since I got anything from anyone. The District is us (Mt. Olive), Mt. Olive Spanish (whom we live with/District Leader) Mount Olive  sisters and Albertson  sisters. Not to mention the Proselyting Senior Couple in the ward, which makes 8 full-time in the ward...awesome. No idea on how many in the stake, but it's the Goldsboro Stake. Elder Richardson is from Farmville/Kaysville UT and has been here for 7 months, his first and only area.
    Lots of less-active work and teaching members. We have in investigator named B. R. that is coming along slow, but he'll get there. We  share the car with the Spanish speaking elders. Elder Richardson can't drive yet  so the District Leader and I switch off every once in a while. Oh, and tell A. there's Piggly Wigglys down here!!! Oh, and it rained for about 4 days straight last week
  P.a deacon? I feel old. Was Their house for Sale, the new family W.s, I don't remember? So much stuff going on here and back home it's hard to keep trackof everything. Ya, I always chuckle going through D&C reading R.C. stuff, knowing were related.
Thanks for the writins
 Elder Meyerink

In his cassette tape he mentions that the walls are so thin that  we just yell... hey Elders can we have the car on....time.... ok thanks.Then later comments that I gets to go apartment huntin again.... almost every area I get to do that.

Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013 3 pics,Going to NC

Well. I got transferred. I will be going to NC on Thursday. They are shotgunning (moving both missionaries from the area) the elders from the Sandbridge ward. Elder Moffet is going to Newport News with my Ethiopian companion. I am going to the Mount Olive Ward in the Goldsboro stake. It looks like about a 30 minute drive to Raleigh...weird. By the way...the address of the Church is 130 Mormon Church Road. Show that one to A.. I find it AWESOME!

      Mission conference. 1st bit. No more backpacks...just our ipad minis, which we'll get soon. 2nd bit. We can't go to the Raleigh temple. President's vision for the Mission is the Book of Mormon. He is going to stress that and the help of the Lord hand in modern technology. His  was the first hand to shoot up to volunteering the his  Mission during the new mission pres seminar for facebook and mini ipads in the field. So we may be getting facebook access sometime soon.
     There will be a transfer van to NC like how I got here. The transfer building/mission office/HQ is the Portsmouth building, 1115 Cherokee Rd Portsmouth Virginia, 23701.  And yes, commmunications with the district do well with the phones. I'll try to mention B. to the . family, but keep in mind there are thousands of students at BYU-I. And I think it was a member, not Sister P.

      On the 4th of July, we could dress in proselyting clothes, but try not to hold appointments due to people wanting family time. We just spent the day with the members and watched some fireworks in the back yard.
      Ha ha, i miss the desert heat. It still rains way to much here. Not to mention 104 heat index this week. Hurricane season is coming up too, tell mom not to freak out, it just means lots of rain. Plus, I'll be more inland.
Thanks for the news.
Elder Meyerink  
Mom here at home always wondered how they transferred with bikes and bags.  The answer is this:  The mission owns enclosed trailers into which the missionaries put bags, bike helmets etc. The bikes go in the back of the pick ups which pull the trailer, then the missionaries get into regular "people vans" .  These rigs then caravan to each area dropping off or picking up missionaries as the go.  Then at the nearest  chapel to the new area,the missionaries are met by their new companions.  THen they go to the new apartments. So here are some examples of missionaries from the RVM being transferred by pictures from Sister Perry's FB page!!  Pretty cool system I think!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 July 1- 3 pics-To finish in the NEW CVM!!

As of July 1st, I am in THE new mission. I will  finish my  mission in the brand new Chesapeake Virginia Mission. A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church building is being remodeled into the mission home.  Here is the address for the new mission home if you want to write me letters or send post cards.  Missionaries love mail !!  If you want to send packages, call or email mom for my current address. Packages need to be sent to the current apartment address.

Chesapeake Virginia Mission
1115 Cherokee Road
Portsmouth VA 23701  

Once again mom found pictures from FB Sister Perry thanks.  These are setting up new apartments all across the mission.  They have so many new missionaries coming into both RVM & CVM that mission it takes many more apartments to be opened!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 June 3 Transfers/ new CVM!!

   The Work goes well here. Transfer calls came. I am staying here in Sandbridge and the new Chesapeake Mission. Elder Pancheri is actually going to transfer to Meadowbrook B, the same area I was trained in... Epic. Sisters are coming into the area, which is being split, they take the car and cover the south and we bike the North. Elder Moffit, my new companion, is just done getting trained in the Waynseboro stake northwest of Richmond. I've heard he is quiet, kinda' like me. Should go over well, we'll see.
 Sister M., we saw her for dinner the other day and talked about grace and works. I'm going to show her the suggested chapters you said on Sunday. We taught a family yesterday, it was sweet.
Good to know all it well at home.
Thanks for the support, Love ya much
Elder Meyerink

Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 May 27 Letter to Pres. Perry also included

   Thanks for the tips. Got my package with the book. As for the pictures; I would like pictures of the house, Millcreek Gardens (where he worked before his mission) and said co-workers (tell them hi again and only one more season left ). Glad to hear  N. baptism was awesome. Tell the W. family  hi while they are there and good luck with the move to NJ. I've always remembered the story of Aaron Garder, he seems like an amazing man. I wish I knew him more.

I will just include me letter to Pres. as a debriefing this week:  Followed by a note from me.


I figured it out! We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week, Elder Miller came down here. It's a long story, but I finally figured out, for myself-- of course, we're here to baptize! Not to mention running across Pres. Kimball's talk, "When the World will be converted." I knew it, but I didn't know it, if you know what I mean. While that confirmation was running through my head, I also realized subconsciously that I am ready for that stretch you were talking about. My natural man doesn't want to admit it, but I am. I'll do whatever the Lord wants me to do.This is different. My obedience to mission rules has exploded.

As for the District. All is well. The Elders have some people set for baptism, the Sisters have been getting referrals like crazy, and just had a baptism. As for us; Our recent converts (who was ordained an Elder on Sunday) son is reading the Book of Mormon now that we had a lesson with him about it and. Hope to see him soon and follow up. We also contacted a month old referral. She said to come back, but she wasn't home. She looks solid, but we'll try again.
  We had a cool finding experience in Wal Mart's parking lot today. Some guy needed a battery jump. Gave out a Restoration and P.O.S. pamphlet with our number. Praying he  will read and call us. So pretty much, this area and district are both growing and a lot better than I first found them. That part member said she likes Believing Christ, thanks for suggesting to let investigators read that. Were hoping she will read the Book of Mormon now.
Excited to bike, and get sisters to help the ward grow. Key indicators should double with more missionaries. It's gonna' be sweet!

 Elder Meyerink

Dad Mom
: Thanks for the love and guidance. I always knew I would someday figure out what you guys were teaching me was true. That day is now, on a mission. Thanks for the support and the opportunity.
 Love Ya'll.

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 March 11 2 pics, Cape Hatteras Drive Water

  Yes, Cape Hatteras is a long drive. Water on both sides. She was a less-active due to disabilities and travel. She moved to Currituck NC.

 The ward building is in Nags Head, just down the main road from the apartment.  The ward is so focused on The Doctrine, it's awesome. As for people to teach, a handful  We did go to Roanoke, the north half of the island is called Manteo. Bishop lives out there and we had dinner our last night there. I am back in VA Beach. Transfer calls came last night. They are splitting this zone (VA Beach) and Chesapeake. Elder Richardson and I are staying in Sandbridge. Mom found a member of our ward on Facebook. He leaves for his mission this next week. He and his sister gave their farewells. They are both solid in the Doctrine. He said mom posted a picture of me and my call on Facebook and saw it was me. Never got to go to the Wright memorial though. The beach here is getting up and running as well. 

  Ya'll (family) should send me some pictures of the back yard if that tree is gone. I say it would have been funnier if you didn't tell me till I got home. Oh, it almost tried to snow down in Nags head. Key word try. They named a snow storm...east coast people are crazy. Ya, K. and T. friends from home , are both set. Having A. as their dad I'm sure has been a help to them growing up. His story about a mission is pretty sweet as well. 

  I have a sheet I'll show you of the Plan of Salvation an Elder drew up a few years back. It's got scriptures to explain everything that goes on. You do know that Elder McConkie's last talk is my favorite talk ever right?. I have a copy of it from Richmond. We showed it to an "Eternal Investigator" here. He seemed to stumble around the questions of feeling the Spirit while watching it. Apparently now, he is reading the Book of Mormon on his own, with intent it sounds. Without the help of his wife or our exertion or anything. We'll check up on him this week. The HQ referral is still out of town. We'll set up with him near the end of March. I get chills, Spirit, when I read or hear any words from that talk. He was know for not showing emotion, and he bawled his head off like Elder Iyring at the end. I love it. Oh I love that talk. I'm working on my study and obedience to have at least a tad-bit of the conviction he has. 

  Oh, and we went to Staples to get some pencils and a notebook for Elder Zajac. . We gave the guy a card. He seemed pretty cool.
 Well, hope ya'll are having a good time there where it's not sunny and warm outside. Have fun, stay true. 

Elder Meyerink

So Mom found a picture of the Chesapeake Virginia Bridge and wonders if this is the bridge he drove on.   Glad to know after it was all done if it is the same bridge!! The other picture is of a bridge from Sand Bridge State Park.  Either way it is over water.  Very Interesting!! 
   See Location on left for map of where they went!

Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Feb 25 1 pic Mission Split

Subject: Mission Split   Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:00:47 AM

Just got this from Pres. Perry today:

President Perry

Dear Elders and Sisters:
As you know, on or about July 1, 2013 the mission will be divided.

The following stakes will be a part of the Virginia, Richmond Mission (VRM):
Chesterfield, Midlothian, Richmond, Waynesboro and two additional stakes will be added from the Washington DC South mission, they are: Fredericksburg and Woodbridge, both North of us and border our mission boundaries.

The Following stakes will be a part of the new Virginia, Chesapeake Mission (VCM): Chesapeake, Newport News, Virginia Beach and two additional stakes will be added from the North Carolina, Raleigh mission, they are: Goldsboro (just west of Chesapeake) and Kinston (which is the rest of the Outer Banks to the south). The new mission home and office will be located in the Chesapeake stake boundaries.

The incoming mission president and his wife for the VRM are: E. Bradley and Mari-Lynn Wilson (President and Sister Wilson). They will begin their service on or about July 1, 2013. They live in Plymouth, Minnesota and he just retired as the Chief Administrative Officer at Grant Thornton which is a large accounting firm. He also teaches a graduate accounting class at BYU. The Wilson's have six children and both have served in numerous leadership positions for the church. I have spoken with them and love them already, they are upbeat and very sweet. Sister Wilson served as a stake Young Women's camp director and ward chorister, for you elders, that means she is fun and loving. I will send more information as we get it..

The incoming President and his wife for the VCM are Alan J. and Mary Kay Baker (President and Sister Baker) and are from Loveland, Colorado. They too have had numerous leadership responsibilities in the church and he is a Technology guru. I will have the opportunity to speak with them this week and will provide additional information as I receive it.

The transfer in June will determine which mission you will be assigned to. I do not know which mission you will be assigned to at this time and I don't plan to pray about it until May...:-)

58 new missions were created because of the surge of incoming missionaries. We have been working on this almost since President Monson's announcement last general conference. The total count is now at 405 missions worldwide. What a great time to be in the mission field! Thank you for all you do to move this work forward, the Lord is hastening His work and we are privileged to participate.

President Perry

So now we need new maps as  the old mission changed and there is a totally new mission created!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Feb 18, 1 pic., Basics

Just two Elders for now, could house four, but likely not. Yes, my companion is District Leader. Two bedroom, (one bedroom and one study room) two bath, laundry machines (such a huge blessing!!), and a fancy magnetic lock on the doors to the complex. Basically, it's more like a hotel. 
We went to Golden Corral to eat after District meeting. We always eat after meetings, good finding chances to, don't forget that. Always leave a card with the tip. It works.

Good to here about T.. I'll email them all when I know they are in the field or so. Man, I've been thinking about N. so much. Hope he's doing well.

Mission won't split till we hear about it. Maybe when new Pres comes in July. He sounds awesome. It would be in the Church News, but not for a while, we need a lot of missionaries still. Area one is splitting this next transfer. Third zone to split this year.

Thanks for everything,
Elder Meyerink

2013 Feb 18, 1 pic., Sand Ridge Area

     Ya, the area is mostly shopping centers, apartments, or Cul de Sacs. Its confusing. This is why I got a GPS. It helps. Ya, -30 ft. below sea level. The Ridge that makes the beach is higher than the inside of the beach. Basically, the city is built behind a giant sand bar, aka, Virginia beach and Sand Ridge. Half our area is swamp reservation and nothingness.
I got the letters alright, its nice, And I haven't gotten a reply from B.'s  roommates yet. Its good to hear from the Wintertons every few months
    Turns out the owner of our apartment is a member, strong convert and chiropractor, approved by Pres. Perry to adjust missionaries. There is an investigator at the gym, we rarely teach her. The HQ referral Really wants to talk to us. We called him the day he was at the airport leaving for AZ for a month. We got the referral a bit late. He said he'll call when he gets back, he has a lot of questions. He sounds like he has huge potential. We have to watch out for "fake investigators". There are a bunch of Anti groups based on Norfolk that like to just waste our time by seeming interested. Good thing we have the Spirit of Truth. It's legit though, pictures and info in the Area book.
Wow, so Taylor is in the MTC this week. That's just blowing my mind. He was close to Sister A.. The way she bore her testimony every month helped him he shared in a scout camp once. And Brother O. and all the Young men's leaders strengthened all of us.  He'll do a great job.
We went to Gospel Doctrine this week. No one showed to Gospel Principles. We talked about Revelation and gifts of The Spirit.   A Recent Convert family gave talks, his first. She grew up in the Church, he was raised Catholic, being Hispanic/Hawaiian, got baptized, were married and have a wonderful little Two year old. He did a great job on "Seek ye the Lord".   Best Church talk I have heard ever, seriously. He was nervous, but spoke the truth in his heart. It was amazing.
As for grace, I got my understanding from Believing Christ. The balance of Grace and Works is complex, but understandable. I am about 150 pages into Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Just finished going over how the Spirit is like the Sun. Defined in one space, but its influence all around. Its and epic book. Elder Richards blows my mind every new topic. Love it. Definitely being truly converted, which is what Pres. Perry talked about in the February newsletter. Testimony and conversation are separate but feed off each other.
Ya, D. told me about baby  S.. Wish them well for me. It snowed here, its still on the ground. To cold for it to melt, sad, it's in pure sun all day. How's "the Park"  at home I helped landscape, coming?
   Elder Meyerink

Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Feb 2013 Transfers

I did get a transfer call last night. Elder Carlson is flying home tomorrow. I am being Transferred to an area called Sand Bridge. It is in the Virginia Beach Zone/Stake. It is right on the coast in the very bottom of the state right next to Chesapeake bay. I'll send you my address when I'm there. I'm still packing and stuff. I will arrive there sometime Thursday afternoon on the transfer van. My companion is Elder Richardson. He is from Pleasant Grove, born in Ethiopia, and he served in my zone a few months ago. He is awesome. 

Thanks for the support. 
Love, Elder Meyerink