Tuesday, December 17, 2013

16 Dec 2013 Serving as Temporary ZL!


  Ya, I was hoping the Wedding would go well.  I figured you would be busy being the Bride's parents and all. Good to know the ward members are thinking of us.
  Elder Tenney's flight leaves today from Norfolk, VA to Atlanta, to Sau Paulo BZ to Forta Lesa BZ. He'll get to His mission about 4pm tomorrow. My New companion Elder Aitken is serving in Woodington, right south of us. He's been out about 4 months I think. I am in New Bern with the Kinston East Zone Leader because his companion is now the assistant in Portsmouth. It is fun here, the area itself reminds me of Outer Banks/Virgina Beach. So technically I am a temporary Zone Leader for four days. 
   The work in Kinston is going very well. We received/contacted/taught a couple that was a referral from a member at conference. They are both on board, yesterday was his 2nd and her 1st church attendance here. They like it. I was on exchanges when my District leader (Elder Foutz from Mapleton)and Elder Tenney taught them. They both accepted the big 3 invitations, Read, Pray, and Church as well as the Book of Mormon. They both want to change their life around. Turns out he has already investigated the Church before, had a Baptismal date, but stuff came up. So it will go well this time. We saw K., assigned her Alma 7 and she read it. We had our follow up visit with her, and told her the others in the house were invited. F.and D., her daughter and Fiance were happy to find out about the restoration. We testified of the Power of the Book of Mormon. D. asked, "How do you know this book is true?" It was awesome. He said they would come to Church, they didn't, but that's not going to stop us! Oh, all 5 of said people accepted a soft Baptismal date. The work here is amazing. Я рад, оставаясь Кинстон!! (I'm glad I'm remaining Kinston!!)
  Glad to know everything is going great back home.  We pray for strength and for the work here, it works.
Love, ya, talk to ya'll later.
Elder Meyerink

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