Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Dec 30 Members most important part of the Work!!

  Mission conference. We drove to our building (Kinston stake center) we watched "Muppet Christmas Carol" Had lunch, then went to the chapel to have hymns and musical numbers for Christmas. It was a lot less confer-ency than the one with Pres. Perry.
  What is the families name that's being taught? Where do they live? Is our family/ward fellow shipping them? This is huge! there's not that many nonmembers in our boundaries! We can't mess this up, members are more important in missionary work then missionaries!
   As for the work here, it's getting a tad faster. This Sunday was great. We both had the prompting to talk to Bishop after Sacrament meeting, so we did. He asked where we're planning to attend 3rd hour. We said we weren't sure. Found out he was teaching, asked if we could do a work of Salvation fireside sometime. He invited us to his office and long story short, he had us teach 3rd hour after deciding that's what the Lord wanted the combined members to hear. It was definitely what we all needed here. One more event in recent past that proves the Mater is the master behind this work.

 I love this. So far, were only teaching one couple from the referrals, but that is going to change soon! We are expecting miracles. We're counseling about a ward mission plan. The number 22 convert baptisms this year was brought up. Some members said too high, some said it could work. We'll get it all sorted out. I just can't wait to have Ipads to help the work move faster with coordinations between us and them.
Love ya'll, have a great week!
Elder Meyerink

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