Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Dec 2013 New comp on 16th

  I just found out that Joshua is Elder Pancheris' cousin. He served in Sandbridge with me in June. So on that note. His parents are apparently going down for the wedding.
  Weather here is rain and never stopping. Oh, and it snowed 6 inches in St. George, Elder Tenneys' mom sent pics. 

  As for the Work, its going well.
  Ya, it's a bit differn't between here and there. For Conference, they came to NC. Goldsboro and Kinston met in Goldsboro. I'll send you my notes or something. Pres. Baker related Mission rules to a plumbob, if you know what it is. Old school level for vertical structures. "Don't be a half-bob off plumb." - Pres. Baker Its going well. That's neat that Bro. Nelson is Patriarch now. Elder Doxey sounds like a great teacher. By the way, I had the oppurtunity to have an interview with Elder Perkins, just to find out what the mission was like, what should improve, what to talk about. He had some great messages.
  Elder Tenney leaves for Brazil on the 16th. So I'll be getting a new companion, but won't find out who 'till transfer calls this Sunday. Other than that, all is wells.
  We have a Christmas tree, its great. No snow though. :( Have fun at the wedding, say Hi to the Pancheri family for me.
  Love Ya'll
Elder Meyerink

Mom says of course I know what a plumb bob is. Should be one or two in our tool box somewhere!! My father was a carpenter by second nature, uncles also. 

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