Tuesday, December 24, 2013

23 Dec 2013 Happy Christmas Ya'll!!!

  Happy Christmas Ya'll!!!  Ya, it was 71 F here yesterday...not December. It's kind of is throwing my body off, but I"m use to it this season.

  This is my email to Pres. Baker,
 "This was a Great week. New Bern was very expounding. It was  interesting to observe conference calls. It helped me understand who really is in charge of this Work. We asked a member while following up with his stake referrals if he knew anyone else. Someone came to his mind! Awesome. I Love Revelation! We are teaching a wonderful young couple who is a returning-less actives stake referral in their home. Greatest thing ever. Hope to have a very amazing week, with Conference and Christmas."
  So that's the repost on the Work. How are Sarah and Josh? Tell her to see if they can find a Miller family in Yucipa CA. Elder Aaron Miller was my zone leader, he finished this summer. Ya, the areas pretty easy. Maps are nice, my GPS died and the one in the apartment is acting like a turtle that can find the top side of its shell. We biked a bit yesterday,  its warm by the way. We're going fishing today with that investigator :)
Oh, Elder Aitken is from Cedar City. He came from the Woodington ward, right south of us. And actually, New Bern is struggling. Kinston 1st is the fasting growing ward in the stake. the only reason their the zone leaders is because that area is central for the stake boundaries, for exchanges, but the zone split to two. Our zone leaders are in Greenville, Pres. Baker told me to go to New Bern though, his companion went to VA to be Assistant. It was a great exchange, I was a 4 day zone-leader! Got to listen in on a few conference calls with Mission/Stake President.
  We're going to do Christmas morning at a members house. I'll call the house around 10 there 12 here.
Love Ya'll Happy Christmas. Make sure Art is home so I can talk to him!!! By the way, I can't call Sarah, First Presidency said so, I asked Pres. Baker. But I'll see yall later.
  Remember who had the Birthday, and who gave the Gift.
Elder Meyerink

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