Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 2014 Found Chinese family in park,

Another experience this week: (This paragraph is probably from his letter to mission president, since he talks about pictures He taught us to use. )

  As for the exchange with Elder Adsit. It went very well. I think we both learned alot. It was fun, I love Elder Adsit and who he is. We able to help a member move some furniture, knock on a few houses and place cards. Mostly what I learned was in the evening when we were walking around the park by their apartment to stay out until 9:30.
  We ran into a Chinese family and gave the daughter a card and Book of Mormon. She spoke English, her parents did not, but she seems very excited about the whole thing. We told them about and even did the whole explaining the Book of Mormon with the pictures you had us learn last month. Doing that, the parents seemed interested in the pictures. When we got back to the apartment, we remembered the simplified Chinese Book of Mormon in the car and ran and grabbed it to get it to them. We ended up running nearly the whole way around the parks track to find them, in the dark, with a Chinese Book of Mormon. Got to say that's the first time I've done that. Needless to say, when the Spirit prompts you to give someone a it. I even told them about Christian and how he wants to be a missionary in china but cant. 

Elder Meyerink

  Corky's baptism went well. In fact, yesterday in combined 3rd hour bishop was teaching about the temple after conversion and she raised her hand and said "By the way, I need a temple recommend interview with you." He said, "Ya, that's next Sunday, 2nd hour." It was awesome!

  Bob. He was not baptized this last week. He still hasn't healed yet. Also hasn't gotten a hold of his doctors to see when his head can be submerged. Technically, they don't even want him at church do to sneezes and maybe someone being sick. He still has an open wound on his head. As for the moment, he is set for July 12th seeing as how we have to get the interview a week before baptism. The font still has not been fixed either, they need to do a full restoration, re-tiling and all that jazz. 

  Elder Coltrin is still as awesome. He's been out about 7-8 months now. He was trained in Greenville NC when I was with Elder Tenney in Kinston. He also served in Yorktown, in which was his last area, just on the other side of the bridge.

District Leader position is working out well. It's a bit fun planning district meetings again. As for exchanges, we go once per transfer with the zone leaders who cover both the Jamestown and Williamsburg wards. The sisters go on exchanges with the Sister training leaders. They then call me and tell me how the sisters are doing. The district leaders can consult with the district on what goals the district wants. So far, we haven't done that yet, we're all doing pretty well off.

  John dropped us and returned all the literature we gave him. He texted us and told him he wants to stay with his current relationship with Jesus/God while also doing A.A. In other news, we got a Headquarter referral named Ethan. His freind in Alaska that used to live here sent him a Book of Mormon and a card. We set an appointment at the Chuch, but he wasn't there, so we'll get a hold of him later. He seemed pretty promising. 

  Sounds like a family trek would have been way fun. hope yall learned alot from it. Glad to know the families are still getting together. I figured as much as to speaking in other wards. Ya, mom sent me an email about their trip back to utah. Have fun "batching it up" then. Good to know Arthur is working on the temple. I'm kind of (atrociously) bummed it's closed when I get home. Oh, by the way, that will be the first thing I do when I get home. After I get released, we are doing a session. Nothing else comes first. I hope everybody that wants to see me understands that I haven't been in a temple in two would be even cooler if we could do it before I get released, seeing as how I have no idea what is happening there.

Has the Stake Presidency gotten you the info for all that yet? Like who, when, and where I report after landing? If you could pass that on to me that would be great! Thanks. 

Have a good one!
Love, Elder Meyerink

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 June 2014 Sewage in the Font change buildings!!

  Bob wasn't able to make it to Corky's baptism.

 Okay. Corky's baptism. Elder Coltrin and I went to the Church to fill the font at about 3 PM. the baptism was schedules for 7:30 by the way. We open the door to start filling it...and there is this rank smell. So, we though one of the jumpers was moldy or something, so Elder Coltrin starts checking the jumpsuits. While he does that, I turn on the light and look down the stairs to the font. I beheld a brown film floating on the muck colored water just above the first step of the font. Then the smell actually hit us. Sewage.

 The lightning storm last night knocked out a pump and the sewage backed up into the font, the natural low point of the building. You've got to be kidding me! Today? Really?!? Okay, so we call the stake building manager and report it. So, we call Corky and see if we can move it to the stake center in Yorktown. She was fine with it, so the calls begin. Ward mission leader, bishopric, mission pres (permission to leave area), numerous members who plan on attending, and half the Newport news south zone so they can start filling the font. Not to mention, the (sister Missionaries) Hermanas are at the church waiting for a contact they met to come so we can meet him and teach him at the church.

So he shows up and is awesome. His name is John. He prayed one morning to ask God what he needs to do. The Hermanas that day felt to pull over and talk to him when he was broke down on the side of the road. He is way interested. Could use some prayers. He couldn't make it to church yesterday, said he'd try for next week. we have a return appointment this Friday. So, while were teaching him the Restoration, which was awesome, our phone was blowing up with vibrations. Calls, voicemails, texts, more calls. In which one of them we knew was Pres. Baker. But, it all got  worked out, Elder Grace baptized her, took 3 times but they got it.
  Sounds like you enjoyed the familyTrek. Ha, mosquito bites. Bugs out here are size of blackhawks, it's ridiculous. Figured you would get burned. It is good to hear the ward is missionary minded. So, does that mean I get to speak in other wards in the stake as well?
  How are you as bachelor with mom out of town? you've been married 37 years tomorrow congrats!!...
Anyways, have a good one.
Love yall
Elder Meyerink

Saturday, June 14, 2014

8 June 2014 Setting Goals & Staying focused.

 We found out this week that one of the Sisters investigators here moved back to Mexico and got baptized last week were he lives! Awesome! Ya, I've also been emailing Krystine as well. I'm jealous of the whole temple trip. We watched "Mountain of the Lord" With Bob yesterday and talked about temples. He even came home after Sacrament meeting to rest from surgery and had the thought "I'm gonna read some scriptures." It was cool. He also like the talk about patience and story of Hugh B. Brown and the current bush in Canada ( (Thais one of my favorite Mormon messages ever! Watch it! it applies to gardening :P) that was given by a member or the stake high council from Williamsburg. so Bob is doing great, had surgery a few days ago which included 14 shots in his face as the sewed up some more skin on his nose. another three weeks till his baptism due to submersion. 

  Yes, Briannas baptism was Saturday. Yes, her dad baptized her. She loved it and even bore her simple missionary-driven testimony at the end of the service. her non member sister and her husband attended. They enjoyed it as well. Crystal was able to attend and said she couldn't wait to get baptized. We have a lesson on tithing and fast tomorrow. Sister Jeter texted us and said this week was busy and to try next week. Ya, that story is totally how the Lord works. I never remember the most of what I say in lessons or in a blessing. I guess that's a sign of teaching with the Spirit right? Even if it is, its something I need to work on. Along with alot of other things. The members are catching up to missionary work here. the Book of Mormon message we share from Preach My Gospel affects them you can see it. All in the Lords time. We know one day there will be a Glouceter VA stake. I'm excited for that day. 

  Oh yes, exchanges. I love exchanges. its an opportunity to see how other Elder s teach, grow, learn, and cope with their imperfections. Its truly a great experience. They are planned in advance and last for 24 hours. here, one of the Zone Leaders comes to Gloucester and one of us goes to Williamsburg/Jamestown to work with one of them for a day. Elder Mabry was fun. During our exchange, he had 11 days left but he wasn't counting just knew it was soon. Its easy to figure out though. he flys out tomorrow so were going to Newport News for lunch today with them after email. He just tried as hard as he could to stay focused. A few times he even had to slap himself and say "Stay focused!" Hey, if it works it works right? Basically, he and I had a chat about what happens during the last transfer, all the crap Satan puts in your path, and what we've heard the world is like when you get home. ie. straight up weird and foreign. We had a great talk about that stuff though and both set goals to stay focused and keep our minds on the work while were here so it was good. Ha, he is totally the personality, character, and even shape and size as Thom . Yea, even 6' 6" and size 13 shoes. :P Every missionary should be going on at least one exchange per transfer with a leader. in our case, the Zone Leaders since there are no Elder in the district and Elder Grace is...well, was District Leader. Which reminds me...

  Transfer calls were Saturday (Pres moved them from Sunday) He called and said "I've decided to break up the dynamic duo." Elder Grace is going to Hampton in a  bike area, which is back to the Ghetto for him. He served 11 months in Norfolk. I am staying here and taking the calling of District Leader. Its going to be a joy to do that again. Elder Coltrin is coming up here from Yorktown, literally right across the bridge from us to the south. He was in Kinston west zone when I was in kinston a few months ago so I know him a bit. Yeah for having 15 companions!

  Thanks for the email. have a good one Y'all!
Love, Elder Meyerink

Ps by mom.... who just realized that this is THE last transfer before he comes home, meaning he has 6 weeks left to work really hard on his mission.!!

2 June 2014 B of M answers questions of the soul.

 Testimony meeting here was great. Pres. McMinn, past bishop here and counselor in the stake presidency, attended. He invited 3 minute testimonies. It allowed more people to get to the pulpit and more real testimonies as apposed to thankamonies or storymonies. It was awesome. Yes, Bob was there and enjoyed it. He is recovering well, but received news he needs to go in for surgery on Thursday, which pushes his baptism back another three weeks and there may be another follow-up after that. Crystal was unable to make it, she was in pain from her surgery/recovery. The sisters investigator bore her testimony as well. Her name is Brianna. She moved in with/was adopted by a member family so she can be sealed to them. She is 18 and so ready for baptism. She passed her interview yesterday and is even telling her friends about the Church. She is solid. Her baptism is this Saturday at 730, and she is stoked. Desmond is doing great as well. We talked to him about going on exchanges with the missionaries. He thought it was a great idea. Most everybody in the ward knows about Bob and loves him. The entire ward has his back. They all love the Wesingers. Haven't gotten a hold of the Jeters this week. 
  I don't remember if I told you about Jimmy yet. he was found by Elder Richardson and Grace when they broke the phone and had to get a new one at Verizon. They talked to him and he said he was interested. Elder grace and I got a hold of him last moth but never got a return appointment. Friday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders here and Elder Mabry and I went to Verizon, got his address and a return appointment. Elder Grace and I went to the Verizon store yesterday and answered a few questions and set up for Tuesday at his house. He seems very interested to me, a tad distracted, but more curious than anything due to the new information. Hopefully we can get him to Church, he is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Mosiah already. He said, "it makes more sense than the Bible" and is "enlightening". Hopefully his wife will join him. 

  For member visits: Page 107 of Preach My Gospel. Pres Benson says, "Missionaries need to show how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul." So, were doing that. having the members read through the bulleted questions and pick one to read with us. Having the question in mind i.e. Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur? We read 2 Nephi 2. Then talk about what revelation we received and what verses stood out. Then commit them to do this again with a different question another day without us there. 

Have a fun trip over here on the east coast. Prepare for humidity, its definitely here.

Love ya"all Have a great week 
Elder Meyerink