Saturday, June 14, 2014

8 June 2014 Setting Goals & Staying focused.

 We found out this week that one of the Sisters investigators here moved back to Mexico and got baptized last week were he lives! Awesome! Ya, I've also been emailing Krystine as well. I'm jealous of the whole temple trip. We watched "Mountain of the Lord" With Bob yesterday and talked about temples. He even came home after Sacrament meeting to rest from surgery and had the thought "I'm gonna read some scriptures." It was cool. He also like the talk about patience and story of Hugh B. Brown and the current bush in Canada ( (Thais one of my favorite Mormon messages ever! Watch it! it applies to gardening :P) that was given by a member or the stake high council from Williamsburg. so Bob is doing great, had surgery a few days ago which included 14 shots in his face as the sewed up some more skin on his nose. another three weeks till his baptism due to submersion. 

  Yes, Briannas baptism was Saturday. Yes, her dad baptized her. She loved it and even bore her simple missionary-driven testimony at the end of the service. her non member sister and her husband attended. They enjoyed it as well. Crystal was able to attend and said she couldn't wait to get baptized. We have a lesson on tithing and fast tomorrow. Sister Jeter texted us and said this week was busy and to try next week. Ya, that story is totally how the Lord works. I never remember the most of what I say in lessons or in a blessing. I guess that's a sign of teaching with the Spirit right? Even if it is, its something I need to work on. Along with alot of other things. The members are catching up to missionary work here. the Book of Mormon message we share from Preach My Gospel affects them you can see it. All in the Lords time. We know one day there will be a Glouceter VA stake. I'm excited for that day. 

  Oh yes, exchanges. I love exchanges. its an opportunity to see how other Elder s teach, grow, learn, and cope with their imperfections. Its truly a great experience. They are planned in advance and last for 24 hours. here, one of the Zone Leaders comes to Gloucester and one of us goes to Williamsburg/Jamestown to work with one of them for a day. Elder Mabry was fun. During our exchange, he had 11 days left but he wasn't counting just knew it was soon. Its easy to figure out though. he flys out tomorrow so were going to Newport News for lunch today with them after email. He just tried as hard as he could to stay focused. A few times he even had to slap himself and say "Stay focused!" Hey, if it works it works right? Basically, he and I had a chat about what happens during the last transfer, all the crap Satan puts in your path, and what we've heard the world is like when you get home. ie. straight up weird and foreign. We had a great talk about that stuff though and both set goals to stay focused and keep our minds on the work while were here so it was good. Ha, he is totally the personality, character, and even shape and size as Thom . Yea, even 6' 6" and size 13 shoes. :P Every missionary should be going on at least one exchange per transfer with a leader. in our case, the Zone Leaders since there are no Elder in the district and Elder Grace is...well, was District Leader. Which reminds me...

  Transfer calls were Saturday (Pres moved them from Sunday) He called and said "I've decided to break up the dynamic duo." Elder Grace is going to Hampton in a  bike area, which is back to the Ghetto for him. He served 11 months in Norfolk. I am staying here and taking the calling of District Leader. Its going to be a joy to do that again. Elder Coltrin is coming up here from Yorktown, literally right across the bridge from us to the south. He was in Kinston west zone when I was in kinston a few months ago so I know him a bit. Yeah for having 15 companions!

  Thanks for the email. have a good one Y'all!
Love, Elder Meyerink

Ps by mom.... who just realized that this is THE last transfer before he comes home, meaning he has 6 weeks left to work really hard on his mission.!!

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