Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 June 2014 Sewage in the Font change buildings!!

  Bob wasn't able to make it to Corky's baptism.

 Okay. Corky's baptism. Elder Coltrin and I went to the Church to fill the font at about 3 PM. the baptism was schedules for 7:30 by the way. We open the door to start filling it...and there is this rank smell. So, we though one of the jumpers was moldy or something, so Elder Coltrin starts checking the jumpsuits. While he does that, I turn on the light and look down the stairs to the font. I beheld a brown film floating on the muck colored water just above the first step of the font. Then the smell actually hit us. Sewage.

 The lightning storm last night knocked out a pump and the sewage backed up into the font, the natural low point of the building. You've got to be kidding me! Today? Really?!? Okay, so we call the stake building manager and report it. So, we call Corky and see if we can move it to the stake center in Yorktown. She was fine with it, so the calls begin. Ward mission leader, bishopric, mission pres (permission to leave area), numerous members who plan on attending, and half the Newport news south zone so they can start filling the font. Not to mention, the (sister Missionaries) Hermanas are at the church waiting for a contact they met to come so we can meet him and teach him at the church.

So he shows up and is awesome. His name is John. He prayed one morning to ask God what he needs to do. The Hermanas that day felt to pull over and talk to him when he was broke down on the side of the road. He is way interested. Could use some prayers. He couldn't make it to church yesterday, said he'd try for next week. we have a return appointment this Friday. So, while were teaching him the Restoration, which was awesome, our phone was blowing up with vibrations. Calls, voicemails, texts, more calls. In which one of them we knew was Pres. Baker. But, it all got  worked out, Elder Grace baptized her, took 3 times but they got it.
  Sounds like you enjoyed the familyTrek. Ha, mosquito bites. Bugs out here are size of blackhawks, it's ridiculous. Figured you would get burned. It is good to hear the ward is missionary minded. So, does that mean I get to speak in other wards in the stake as well?
  How are you as bachelor with mom out of town? you've been married 37 years tomorrow congrats!!...
Anyways, have a good one.
Love yall
Elder Meyerink

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