Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sept 2013 We like our new house

  A. wrote me a letter a few months ago and said he was called to be a ward missionary. I think it's cool we are both involved in the same work together. Did the guy that just got baptized just move in or who was it?  The mission and the county wanted to move us do to the fact that we were biking on the highway. Not to mention the house was a total wreck. Ya, your not the only one that noticed the fact that I move in every city. Ha, hopefully I stay in the next one too. Either that or the Lord puts me in the situations cause I know what to do i.e. spackle the walls, re-caulk the tub lining, fix the toilet flow valve and other things missionaries tent to not care about because they are to busy preaching the Gospel. "Make my House an house of order...a house of cleanliness" The new one is good. By the way, transfer calls are coming up this Sunday night.
  Ha ha, the M.. Not by chance. He and his wife were a member referral that are very well acquainted with them. They are very active in their church. She loves the prophecies of Isaiah and he loves the Four Gospels. Ironically, they are both in the Book of Mormon (well the 5th Gospel anyway.)
     Zone conference was great. President Baker is a convert as well as Pres. Perry. From the word of Pres. Baker, "I was baptized, served as a Sake President, then as a Bishop, and now I'm serving my Mission. It seems backwards." We all got a laugh from that. They introduced a new booklet that help deal with Missionary stress. Apparently they are giving that out at the MTC instead of the Health Guide.
  No, B. R. is S.'s  Father. A. and C. are the ones that aren't married. We had a great lesson with the T. though about 3 degrees of Glory and how to get there.
  So we have a riding mower now huh? Is it still gonna be in running condition when I get home so I can use it? Those are common here. grass grows like crazy...Oh, how was The Game? I heard it was this last Saturday. Glad to know all is going well. Thanks for sending the books.

Have a great week.


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