Monday, September 30, 2013

30 Sept 2013 Staying put

E. came to Church!!! Finally. He is Brother T. by the way. We are going over to watch a movie with them tonight. Don't worry, it's The Prophet of the Restoration. He only went to sacrament though, thus improvement. We have a return appointment with the M family on Oct 9th. At the moment, the chances of him "Changing Churches" is very slim according to him and the members that know him very well. But, apparently, if we can get to her, that would get him. Yes, B. R. is a single father.  To give you an Idea, he has  eight great grandbabies. Anyways, A. and C. were busy this week so were going to text them and get a RA appointment hopefully this week if not next. Not to mention there is a couple coming back to activity, but they go and come every year apparently. Another family came which hasn't been in at least 8+ months. He got work off yesterday, he works at the pickle plant, and they got to Church. 
   Transfer calls were Sunday night. Both Elder Kimball and I are staying here. One of the Spanish Elders we live with is going to the north half of the Zone, and swapping for the Elder there. Apparently, the "Goldsboro curse" allows eighty percent of missionaries to have two areas in the zone back to back. Challenge accepted.  
  I have read that article, we get the Ensign every Zone meeting, and loved it!! Grace + Works has always been a big topic of mine to understand, study, and teach. I think I got it from Believing Christ. Ironically, everything you noticed is what I got from it as well. My companion read it too, he plays Piano very well, and loved it as well. Teaching E. about the 3 degrees of glory, we heavily mentioned the amount of the "Testimony of Jesus" in D&C. He said it made a bit more sense to see it that way. We did a cool little thing with three different flashlights for the 7year old as well, all different in their brightness.
    General Conference is gonna be awesome!! We can't wait. Due to the vast distance between wards, they have been broadcasting it at the ward buildings, not just the Stake centers. As for the moment, I have become a lot happier in life now that I know what's going on for myself. I am a lot less quiet, more fun loving, yet more serious when the time arises. It's a weird feeling to know I am no longer a teenager. That and Elder Kimball and I keep mentioning how old we are in the Mission time has flown! The last six months are around the corner, and I am going to try to put on my best game, prayers for such are appreciated. :)


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