Monday, September 9, 2013

9 Sept 2013 4 pics, Busy teaching, Tilling Lord's ground

 9 Sept 2013
       This week was a bit less busy. But we have some part member families we're going to be working with soon. If you could keep them in your prayers. They are: The H., H., T., and the of course still, B. R. & S.. By the way, B. R. volunteered for a closing prayer this week. It was amazing. We gave them an animated copy of the book of Mormon as well. They seem to enjoy it. We're going to get them an audio copy as well. Yes, teaching is hard here. But it's worth it.  

  As for "My Mission" means my personal ministry. And yes, we're getting the ball rolling here. I had the thought this week that I am a "Tiller" in the Lord's vineyard. The thought came when I called the Sandbridge VA Beach Elders and they thanked me and my companions for our "Groundwork there" I get to areas that are a bit rough, loosen up the soil help get HT going, work well with Bishop, and find a bunch of great potential investigators all in time to be transferred. Oh well, If that's what The Lord wants me to do, I'll try to focus on that. After all, there are differences all for the "edification of the Body of Christ" as Paul, ..apparently he was short), reminds us to be different, it's okay in fact it's needed.
 Books. Yes, I got it, I'm on Chapter three and I love it! I was at a members house and flipped through Be your best self and liked it, goes in with the "Body of Christ" theme, In which I've been trying to figure out who I am and who He wants me to be as of late.  

  Got to do some other computer stuff.
Love ya
Elder Meyerink  .

Attached is the very 1st Chesapeake Virginia Mission picture. 2013 July.   History has been made!! Where in the Picture is Carmen San..... I mean Elder M?  hint front to left of flag pole.  It helps to double click and enlarge the picture!!

 Elder Meyerink & Elder Kimball met with "sister" friend and her husband for lunch at highway 55, Mt. Olive, NC.   Friend lived in SLC, UT now lives in NC! what a small world.

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