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26 Aug 2012 Teachin' is Pickin' up

 Hi  Ya all,
  The way I figures, I can have around 17-18 companions by the time I'm done with my mission. And yes, lots to learn from them. Elder Kimball is from Denton Texas, just north of Dallas. Tell A., see if he knows where it is. Ya, we'll both be at the airport when we fly home together ( Since they have both been out 1 year they will  probably leave it at the same time). He came from the top of the zone, Rocky Mount War Area, he got a member ride to the stake center in Greenville, and then our WML took us back to our apartment.

  "Pickin up" means were teaching more people/working harder. We had four lessons yesterday. :) That's a record for my mission. (Europe and The South have been dubbed the two hardest areas of The Work) Nonetheless, it rolls forth as David  told. Rural? Very...we drive past corn, cotton, tabacco (pronounced 'Backah here), soybean, and many other multitudes of crops all the time. The snakes come from service at Sister B's farm. We do live in "Norcalinea" it's just a part of life here. There is a Less active member that has 40 pet snakes...all caged though.

   Ya, as to learning from the mission, Pres. Baker told me to well... "Learn from it, it will bless your life tremendously." No doubt well keep teaching B. R., after all, "The whole need no physician, but they that are sick" We had an amazing lesson with him and S. We watched the restoration after a bit of explanation. He loved it, so we left him with the dvd and will talk about it this week. I like the analogy of "Spiritual High School" (ref from Dad's letter to A) Not to mention it seems like the whole world while your here, and when it's over, you completed it just like everybody else did, but what you got from it was different.

    Didn't know that about Aunt P.'s conversion story, I mentioned  to the other elders as we left today that you were a "Golden Contact" so I thought it interesting you mentioned that time frame. And yes, it is awesome teaching someone with my name. By the way, thanks for the epic name. :) We also gave a blessing to a part-member family wife, yesterday before she started teaching school today. The husband (nonmember) insisted his daughter get one too, so she got her first blessing. He will no doubt join The Church some day. He is really searching for it. Could you keep him in your Prayers? E. T. and family. He liked the Sister missionaries discussion with him about Eternal Families and Temples. He's definitely progressing. They are technically teaching him though. I'm just glad he's growing. He and I are kinda the same.

Thanks for the Email.
Take care, Elder Meyerink

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