Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Feb 18, 1 pic., Sand Ridge Area

     Ya, the area is mostly shopping centers, apartments, or Cul de Sacs. Its confusing. This is why I got a GPS. It helps. Ya, -30 ft. below sea level. The Ridge that makes the beach is higher than the inside of the beach. Basically, the city is built behind a giant sand bar, aka, Virginia beach and Sand Ridge. Half our area is swamp reservation and nothingness.
I got the letters alright, its nice, And I haven't gotten a reply from B.'s  roommates yet. Its good to hear from the Wintertons every few months
    Turns out the owner of our apartment is a member, strong convert and chiropractor, approved by Pres. Perry to adjust missionaries. There is an investigator at the gym, we rarely teach her. The HQ referral Really wants to talk to us. We called him the day he was at the airport leaving for AZ for a month. We got the referral a bit late. He said he'll call when he gets back, he has a lot of questions. He sounds like he has huge potential. We have to watch out for "fake investigators". There are a bunch of Anti groups based on Norfolk that like to just waste our time by seeming interested. Good thing we have the Spirit of Truth. It's legit though, pictures and info in the Area book.
Wow, so Taylor is in the MTC this week. That's just blowing my mind. He was close to Sister A.. The way she bore her testimony every month helped him he shared in a scout camp once. And Brother O. and all the Young men's leaders strengthened all of us.  He'll do a great job.
We went to Gospel Doctrine this week. No one showed to Gospel Principles. We talked about Revelation and gifts of The Spirit.   A Recent Convert family gave talks, his first. She grew up in the Church, he was raised Catholic, being Hispanic/Hawaiian, got baptized, were married and have a wonderful little Two year old. He did a great job on "Seek ye the Lord".   Best Church talk I have heard ever, seriously. He was nervous, but spoke the truth in his heart. It was amazing.
As for grace, I got my understanding from Believing Christ. The balance of Grace and Works is complex, but understandable. I am about 150 pages into Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Just finished going over how the Spirit is like the Sun. Defined in one space, but its influence all around. Its and epic book. Elder Richards blows my mind every new topic. Love it. Definitely being truly converted, which is what Pres. Perry talked about in the February newsletter. Testimony and conversation are separate but feed off each other.
Ya, D. told me about baby  S.. Wish them well for me. It snowed here, its still on the ground. To cold for it to melt, sad, it's in pure sun all day. How's "the Park"  at home I helped landscape, coming?
   Elder Meyerink

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