Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Feb 18, 1 pic., Basics

Just two Elders for now, could house four, but likely not. Yes, my companion is District Leader. Two bedroom, (one bedroom and one study room) two bath, laundry machines (such a huge blessing!!), and a fancy magnetic lock on the doors to the complex. Basically, it's more like a hotel. 
We went to Golden Corral to eat after District meeting. We always eat after meetings, good finding chances to, don't forget that. Always leave a card with the tip. It works.

Good to here about T.. I'll email them all when I know they are in the field or so. Man, I've been thinking about N. so much. Hope he's doing well.

Mission won't split till we hear about it. Maybe when new Pres comes in July. He sounds awesome. It would be in the Church News, but not for a while, we need a lot of missionaries still. Area one is splitting this next transfer. Third zone to split this year.

Thanks for everything,
Elder Meyerink

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