Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 Nov 2013 Transferred New address

  Sorry its tuesday, libraries were closed yesterday for Vetran's day. I am being transferred on Thursday to the Kinston 1st ward. My companion is a visa waiter who just got done training. It should be fun. I am leaving the four-man apartment! Oh well, new roads ahead.
  Dinner went well, he's going to read Alma 34 and pray about it. We might go ever tomorrow before I leave too. E will figure it all out one day, I don't doubt. He's got the Eternal Family drive and very close ties in the ward to members. Not much to say this week. Bishop got us a list of people to see. But, I won't be here to see what goes on. Just hope Kinston will be as great an area as here. I'll get ya'lls my new address too.
Elder Meyerink

 Here's his new address.

Elder Meyerink
3315 Alton Phillips Rd.
 Kinston NC, 28504

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