Monday, November 4, 2013

4 Nov 2013 Nippy in NC with pics

  Its a bit nippy here. Not to bad.  Our Mission Conference is in the beginning of December. Keep in mind, there's also Charlotte, and Raleigh Missions as well as others that cover NC, like ours.

   That exchange was amazing. His basic story; He is a Miracle. He was the "problem child" totally less-active till he was about 20. I first noticed something different when I saw his ears, pierce marks. I knew from that and the way he acted, happy, friendly, excited to be here, etc...something was there before. I saw a change, I may have only known him for 3 months, but the way both him and I testified of the Atonement and how it affected us and our families He shared the joy of coming to love the Savior after hitting rock bottom again and again. I backed him up with near similar personal experiences as well as the Christ like brother that came home from a mission such a change in his life! Who is still the greatest example outside of the Savior for my life. During that exchange, I saw the Atonement. I saw it in action. I saw it change what someone lacked. I saw The Living Water, Daily bread and Light and Life of the World. I saw a rested soul that had come to the Savior and gave rest to the heavily laden. I think that will be the story I share at my homecoming. Of course, more in depth. Moroni 10: 32-33 I have decided is my absolute favorite scripture in the Cannon.

   E. confusion of the 3 degrees has moved to a questioning of the Restoration, if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He knows that, he said he's at the peak of figuring it out. We talked at the trunk-or-treat and decided a copy of "Our search for happiness" would be good for him. As well as the list of "Learn about Christ" scriptures form PMG pg 47. We have dinner with them this Thursday, and might stop by tonight and get them to him today so he can study for Thursday. I don't doubt he'll eventually be baptized. I love that man. He's a great father. Haven't seen B. a while, something always comes up. Still hasn't gotten into the church, didn't come to trunk or treat, but we think we didn't get him enough advanced notice.

 No new investigators. Still getting the members to figure out that they are the solution-( in the new members do the finding we do the teaching program!!) Did well with a mission centered testimony meeting. I went up after Bishop and the rest of  (8+ 1 future missionary)  us went up including the senior couple in the ward. It was what we were looking for.

 The training went well, I think the zone got the idea. We'll see. Haven't seen the M. in quite a while. Only one member plus Bishop is actually willing to help us with him, it's just time that we need.

 Oh, and I would love to read that book if you could find me a copy. I'm excited for the others as well. I know mom wants a Christmas wish list. Anything you feel would help literature wise would be very much appreciated. Keep in mind it's my last mission Christmas by the way, can you help make it last? thanks :P I'll be home for the next one.

 Hope ya all do right good this week,
love ya, Elder Meyerink
Picture 1 is from Virginia Beach VA area
Picture 2 is from Mt. Olive NC area

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