Monday, November 25, 2013

25 Nov 2013 General updates.

  We've got return appointment for all of the members who gave us names. We have already contacted 2 of the names, the day after we got them. Everything is great here. We are on the western side of the city of Kinston, about 95% country. It actually borders my last area and ward,the Mt. Olive ward. There is occupation variety here, different people do different things all over here. There are the Spanish that cover K 1&2 as well as the sisters. the K2 elders and us. We share a Chevy Cruze every other week and switch off on p-day. 
  Yes, the rest of stake conference was broadcast it to the individual  buildings. The Ward Mission Leader sets up exchanges for all of our appointments for the week we don't have the car. Actually, my bike is still in Mt. Olive, they'll get it to me at mission conference. We are going to the church on Thanksgiving to have dinner with Bishop Oliver's family and two of his referrals. It'll be right great. 

  In further news. Elder Tenney just got an email from his mom. His Visa has been accepted and should be here soon. Theoretically, he'll be here the rest of the (5 week) transfer. So, I need to continue to learn the area. Good to hear about Elder Chris getting to his mission.

  Love, Elder Meyerink

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