Tuesday, October 29, 2013

28 Oct 2013 Members do Finding 2 Pictures

We had interviews this week. Lots of edification from President Baker. He is an inspired man. Directed by the Lord to help those in this area of His Work. I also went on the greatest exchange of my life with Elder Jensen, one of the Zone Leaders in Goldsboro. I learned a lot about the Atonement that day.

 For those of you reading my blog, wondering why I don't speak of more mission-related things or progression of persons, is due to the fact that one cannot understand the degree of influence this mission has served for me and of the countless others it has affected. It is impossible for mortal tongue to describe what's happening. If you want to find out, let the Lord shape you and see what the Atonement can do for you.

Pray for The Work worldwide, not just for the Missionaries, but "To have the members and missionaries work together"-Pres. Hinckley

   E was a bit confused on the three degrees of glory, so he is going to do some study. B. R. hasn't come to church yet, but were planning on doing a church tour with a member this Saturday. Hopefully it all goes well. Were hoping to have a new investigator this week as well, a Vietnam vet who seemed interested when the Spanish elders knocked his door in a Latino trailer park.

That's it for this week

Love, -Elder Meyerink


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