Monday, April 7, 2014

7 April 2014 Amazing Conference all 5 sessions!!

  Well. Conference was Freaking amazing!!!!! We watched all 5 sessions. B. as well got to watch conference. His wife is a spiritual giant. He enjoyed listening to the different speakers. Which, also counts as an investigator at Sacrament meeting. He has never had a problem with the Church though. This is the first time he has taken the lessons. So far as we know, he is done smoking since he's working now. Yes, they were just recovering after the accident. Lots of financial things followed all her surgeries. He was not in the accident by the way. He is still set for May 3rd for baptism.
  We have a bunch of potential in the area. We have a few members that are working with people. As well as some former investigators we are going to check up on. So far as this week, most of our appointments cancelled. But, B.+ is still progressing towards baptism so I am completely content. We are also trying to look for a place to move. Ha, there was an ad in the paper for a 850/month 1br rec room professional/couple preferred. We thought that applied to us, but it is to far north to be affective in the area. Nonetheless, were not in a big hurry to move.
  Oh, the annual Gloucester daffodil festival was this weekend. We went and checked it out between sessions. It was kind of like the outdoor festival at the park between us and REI back home. Lots of little product stands. We did have the opportunity to pass out some cards. There were some members there from the Glen Allen ward in Richmond. It blew my mind how close I am to "home."
  That's a great quote form Joseph Smith. There were a ton of good quotes in conference, to many to count. This session was insane. The first two sessions it felt like the Church members were being reproved and commanded to repent. Which makes perfect sense, that's what prophets and apostles do ain't it? To me the theme of this conference was, "Something's about to happen...Are you sure your ready for it?" I also realized that this was my last missionary General Conference. It's crazy to think by the next one...I'll be home. This mission is going way too fast!
Hope ya'll have a great week.
Love, Elder Meyerink

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