Monday, April 28, 2014

28 April 2014 Staying In Glouster.

Transfer calls were Saturday. We're staying in Gloucester. Only three changes in the zone.

  Cool story. I sent it to Sister H. She was trained in Harpers Ferry, the neighboring ward though. 

  D.came to Church, we taught G. Principles about exaltation. They took it well. We then had a lesson after Church at her parent's house. Doctrine of Christ. He took it very well. When we asked him if he has prayed, he said, "I have, and I believe it." So he is still on track for May 24th. We're teaching the commandments next, our return apt is next week though do to work schedules. 

  B is still doing well. He missed church for work but was sad he couldn't make it. Don't know if I told ya'll but he owns a concrete business and is teaching a bunch of kids how to work steel and crete. Gotta be rough for a mid-life guy. 

 G  D in Kinston is also set for May 24th I just heard. As well as an investigator I  met in Kinston is set for either the 3rd or 6th, depending on his work schedule. Lots of baptism going on here. 

  That's about it. Getting a hold of the other investigators is the tough part. We do have an appointment tomorrow at a Verizon store with a potential. Hope it goes well. 

  Have a great week y'all.
Elder Meyerink

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