Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May 2014 Awesome Conf with Elder Bednar!!

  Conference with Elder Bednar was awesome. Virginia Chesapeake Mission and Virginia Richmond Mmission met at the Righmond stake center. 470 missionaries were there. Including past companions and friends from the Richmond mission. I would get you the notes from what he said, but he asked we write what The Spirit said, and not his words. Basically, it was a revealatory experience. We were asked to study some of his talks; Converted unto the Lord, Ask in faith, and Seek learning by faith. He then opened it up to all the missionaries and asked, "What did you learn?" Then asked follow up questions. It became a giant discussion. There were a lot of things said and heard that helped with a lot of questions that I had, and didn't know I had. even though I didn't get to directly ask him a question, but, they were answered. It was awesome. Not to mention the Apostolic blessing he gave us.

  We had a miracle this week. A few days ago in personal study, a lady called us and when I explained who we were, she asked, "How can I join this church?" We explained the process and set her up to have a member bring her to Church. She came and loved Elder Bednar. She then asked for a Church tour, so we did. When we showed her the Font, she again asked, "When can I join?" We then set up the lessons at the members home who had brought her. Her name is Crystal. 

  Bob is committed to stop smoking this last weekend. he ran out of cigarettes and isn't planning on buying any more. He also came and enjoyed our meeting with Elder Bednar on Sunday as we addressed the Stake. Desmond also came and liked it. He is also on track for his date for May 24th. Prayers for these three would be very appreciated. 

  Hope ya'll have a great week. Expect the Mothers day call around evening ish.
Love, Elder Meyerink

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