Monday, May 19, 2014

19 May 2014 Surgeries delay baptisms.

  Yes, Desmond is good for Saturday. he passed his interview yesterday and they are planning on getting married sometime this summer. We have a lesson on Wed. with them to make sure he's got everything down. Smoking is not even a problem now for Bob. He is done. No questions asked. His last relapse, that one he mooched, left him so repentant it was crazy. he also had nose surgery/reconstruction this week to take skin cancer out of his nose. So, we saw him yesterday. he's doing okay, he says he could be better but is glad he's done smoking cause that would tear him up if he was recovering while smoking. So, his date is being pushed back. The doctors said they don't want him submerged for three weeks. 
Crystal goes in for surgery today,  Her recovery should be to long though. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this last week. It went well.
 Ya, the ward has 6 people set for the month of June. The Herman-as (Spanish sisters) have three Hispanics, and an 18 year old girl set. Ya, were working with a less active family that just needs to hold an appointment and keep their commitments. They work in DC by the way, three hour commute on a good day. They are  the Jeters, prayers would be nice for soft hearts on their behalf. 

 That's the most for now. Have a good week ya'll.
Love ya, Elder Meyerink

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