Monday, May 12, 2014

12 May 2014 Hold to the Spirit.

  We had our second lesson with Crystal yesterday. It's all a bit slow for her to understand, but she gets it when we ask for understanding questions. She is being fellow shipped by an older couple who is excited for her.

  Bob stopped smoking, smoked one and repented like crazy. We're pretty sure h'll never smoke again the way he told us he felt sorry for the one. Desmond still rocks. He is pumped to get baptized.

  Deb sent me pics of Peter, good to know I have a third relative I've never met now... :/ oh well, Ill see them all later.

  I'll let ya know how next week goes. We're in Newport News with other elders today, packed with pday fun so got to go.   
Love y'all

Elder Meyerink
 Only two more transfers..... left in this mission. 
Dad & Mom say  "Thanks for your phone call today. It was great to hear from you and to feel your spirit. It sounds like things are going very well for you and your companion and you have some great people to teach. Keep the focus on them and help them as they run into the roadblocks that Satan will place in their way........

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