Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 Jan 2014 How it should be!

  I have just discovered Josephsmithpapers.org It rocks. Just a thought.
  J. and L. canceled again and didn't come to Church. But we found where one of our investigators lives. So we saw them with a member and had a great Restoration lesson with them, they didn't show for church either, but we'll go see them tonight. 
We still have 53 referrals to contact. It's not a Elders or Sisters- "Here is a list of people ya'll should see, here's their address, have fun Elders." It's set up to be this way: The members call their referrals, have some sort of invitations ie dinner and a lesson with the missionaries in their home and thus contacting the referrals. This is where the problem lies. The members aren't calling, talking to, or really doing anything with most of the names. We have 1 or 2 dinners set up, but the ball should be rolling and it's not. nonetheless, the members are still great members.
  Thanks for the story, I was wondering how that all went- your conversion. By the way, do you have any info or contact with the Elders that taught and baptized you?
  Good to know Sarah and Josh are doing well. Oh, by the way, Arthur's package hasn't come yet, don't know if he got it shipped yet, or to what address.
  Not to much more for this week.
Love ya'll, Elder Meyerink

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