Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Sept Armed Robbery of family we were teaching  for written story     more on cassette tape he sent home.... this is an overview

Three Armed men force S. Richmond family  and their 2 visitors to floor..... yes we were those visitors.   

"What a terrifying feeling it was to have an assault rifle in my face.... lost our cell phones but still have my watch.   Went to Other Elder's Apartment to call mission pres.  They said we could not until we explained what happened.  Used Emergency dial to pres.... he answered --This had better be an emergency.... we explained.... he asked if we wanted to be transferred we said no, we would -get back on the horse-... but it was several weeks before we could walk up that street again.'  It was 1 am when we were both finally asleep that night after getting a blessing from the other Elders.

It was wonderful to hear that mom knew something was up that very morning and prayed not only for my safety, but for my companion, and for those we would be teaching... without knowing why until  3 days later.... faith of their mothers.... B of M Strappling warriors .... today too.  Ever grateful for members praying for missionaries and our service people. 

This is a shortened version.... of a faith building story from his mission

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